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Ram ProMaster EV in warehouse parking lot

The Ram ProMaster EV is a commercial van that happens to be electric

Some Ram commercial vans are about to go fully electric – minus the high-tech luxuries tacked on by most passenger EVs. With an approximate 162-mile city range and up to 150-kilowatt charging, the Ram ProMaster EV is poised to compete with Rivian’s EDV and Ford’s E-Transit. This van is part of the Dare Forward 2030 plan from Stellantis (formerly Fiat-Chrysler) to electrify 50% of its U.S. offerings in the next decade, as it’s doing with the unconventional 1500 RamCharger pickup truck.

Electrification doesn’t compromise what makes the current gas-powered ProMaster great. The delivery model can haul around 2,030 pounds, and the future cargo model is expected to be able to carry around 3,020 pounds. In the back, it has 524 cubic feet of cargo space, a best-in-class interior cargo height of 86 inches, and a 159-inch wheelbase. The cargo length is 12 feet for the delivery model and 13.5 feet for the non-delivery model.

Designed from the ground up for its electric powertrain, its flat floor means cargo capacity is not compromised compared to its internal combustion counterpart. The iconic rear-roll-up door makes offloading easy and perfect for last-mile deliveries.

And don’t think Ram is ditching the upfitters! The Ram ProMaster EV will have an electrical connector and an integrated cab configuration for easy conversions. For longer trips, expect Level 2 ADAS with multiple sensors, radars, and cameras. It has a digital rearview mirror as well as other safety and security features. In addition to commercial applications, it might also find a home in the #VanLife community.

In terms of power, a 200-kilowatt electric motor delivers 268 horsepower and 302 pound-feet of torque with a front-wheel drive configuration. If you’re looking for connectivity, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will keep you engaged. It’s even got Alexa with over-the-air updates.

Ram telematics brings real-time diagnostics, performance data, vehicle location, and driving insights for those in the commercial space. Last-mile navigation via the Uconnect smartphone app means your drivers will never look at house numbers again.

Stellantis still needs to release official pricing data, but based on the current Stellantis electric van offering, the Fiat E-Ducato, we expect pricing to start at approximately $50,000. This pricing also aligns with the Ford E-transit that starts at $48,000. It also faces stiff competition from another upcoming electric van, the Kia PBV.

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