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Mustang Kentucky State Trooper

Kentucky State Troopers spied with a new Ford Mustang GT police car

Hey, uh. So remember that news bite I did a little while ago about Idaho doing this sort of thing? Well, Kentucky is on it now too. As reported by MSN and making waves throughout the Mustang community, Kentucky State Troopers have been spied with a brand new toy in the form of a 2024 Ford Mustang GT. Such a move comes not long after the car’s arrival at dealerships just earlier this year, with Idaho State Troopers spotted rocking a similar interceptor in their black-and-white police livery.

Mustang Kentucky State Trooper
Image credit: Twitter, AdkisonUSMC

The car has been spied rocking Kentucky’s own gray-and-blue livery but with no visible exterior lightbar or bullbar. However, there are hidden lightbars behind the front and rear windshields. Other than its livery, it looks mostly stock. Which isn’t a bad thing, given the current S650 Mustang GT’s healthy 480-horsepower output, six-piston Brembos, and revised chassis. While available pics are scarce, the Mustang also seems to be lacking any sort of interior hardware for mounting radios, guns, or computers, or perhaps that’s to come at a later date.

Cough, no one tell them about the Steeda packages they can get, cough.

Street racers and takeover lame-O’s, beware, as it seems state law enforcement is preparing to fight fire with fire. Or just toy around with excess taxpayer money. It’s clear that law enforcement agencies across the country have a keen interest in fast, agile pony cars, which would make for great publicity tools and highway interceptors on these states’ vast expanses of asphalt. The adoption of such vehicles continues to harken back to the days of the Mustang SSP police car, which was adopted by agencies all across the country in the days of the Fox Body ‘Stang, from California to Florida. And while this is no official Ford police car, it’s still a kickass treat nonetheless and even potentially a threat to would-be road delinquents.

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