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Idaho state trooper Ford Mustang GT

Ford Mustang GT rocking Idaho State Trooper livery could be a new Mustang SSP

Well, isn’t this bad news for punks in the Gem State who might be thinking of tearing up the highways? Courtesy of reputable Mustang forum, Mustang7G, and user, br_an, we have a good look at what’s very much an S650-generation Ford Mustang GT dressed up in Idaho State Trooper attire. From the blacked-out paint to the decals, it’s all there.

Note that there’s currently no public statement or press release from the Idaho state troopers regarding the car, nor is there any follow-up in the forum about its authenticity. So we can’t even guarantee this is a real in-service police car. But it’d be hard to believe someone would blow all that money on a new Mustang plus the convincing livery to risk getting nabbed for impersonating law enforcement.

Idaho state trooper Ford Mustang GT
Image: Mustang7G

With mostly flat lands and occasionally cascading hills, it’d make sense to demo the return of any sort of Mustang police interceptors on Idaho highways. Given the storied history of the Mustang SSP, which saw widespread use across the country in the ’80s and ’90s, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time. Nowadays, the idea of a bespoke highway patrol interceptor built from a repurposed sports car isn’t totally alien. But it’s indeed uncommon for a department to shell out the money on a new one rather than pluck one from a crime scene or auction. A few tuners even offer packages to police departments that source vehicles that will “chase Porsches for a living.

Does this mark the return of a Mustang SSP model or the widespread use of Mustangs in law enforcement? Nah. Most definitely not. But it sure is a badass way to rile up the children and blow through your local government’s taxpayer dollars.

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