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Gaming Sim Wheel Round-Up Question
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What’s the best racing sim wheel for your gaming setup?

Hey! Calling all techies, gamers, and gearheads. Come hither and help us answer an increasingly popular question in this day and age: What’s the best racing sim wheel for your gaming setup? Because the best racing games shouldn’t be held back by mere buttons and joysticks.

As someone who’s not the most serious gamer, I am not one to answer this question for you. But what better source of information than you, the community who partakes in the heat of motorsports without ever seeing a ray of sunshine or smelling a whiff of race gas? I’ve witnessed my far more dedicated gaming friends adopt racing sim wheels for everything from Gran Turismo and Assetto Corsa to Burnout (remember those games?) and Forza Horizon. And of course they would. It’s that added immersion from a proper racing sim setup that makes those titles worthwhile, that tactile sensation through your palms and fingertips that no DualShock can match. Sorry, Sony.

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Sadly, I’m a cheap, lazy bastard who can’t be bothered to upgrade their phone, let alone snag a sim wheel for the hour of Forza I play every now and then. I won’t pretend I know what’s best for you. But you know what’s best for you. Oh yeah, you do. And maybe someone else out there could use your advice and would love to know what you have to say. So, please join us in the comments below, and voice your thoughts on what you think are the best racing sim wheels and why!

While you’re in there, please take note to:

  1. Give the full name of the product, including make and model, for easy search.
  2. Please list at least three pros for why you like it and two cons about your choice! Any pro or con is valid, from build quality to steering feel to pricing and value.
  3. Feel free to engage with fellow commenters on their choices, but be courteous and respectful! Constructive criticism or affirmations of the products can help with deciding buyers’ guide picks!

Got that? Good. Ready, set, discuss!

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