The front grill of a Cadillac Escalade IQ EV SUV is seen in darkness. The headlights are shining through.

The 2025 Cadillac Escalade IQ will indulge your appetite for excess, down to the price

GM is going all out with electric vehicles in the next few model years. As proven by the exciting Hummer EV SUV, massive Chevy Silverado EV, and (uhh…) elusive Cadillac Lyriq, the American auto giant fully intends on making its Ultium battery platform the gold standard for EVs. The 2025 Cadillac Escalade IQ is GM’s latest Ultium EV SUV, and it promises to make a splash — with experts and auto-spies across the internet speculating about its design and features.

The 2023 Cadillac Escalade IQ was announced at a grand event in New York City on August 9, 2023. Like the Hummer EV SUV and Chevy Silverado EV, the Escalade IQ will be assembled at GM’s Factory Zero Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Center. For some reason, GM is promoting this event with the tagline “Built in Detroit. Revealed in New York City,” which, let’s be honest, doesn’t really mean anything.

2025 Cadillac Escalade IQ price and release date

A Cadillac Escalade IQ EV SUV is silhouetted against the New York Skyline.
Image credit: Cadillac
  • Price: $130,000 – $175,000 minimum
  • Release date: Summer 2024

As is expected from the EV version of an already pricey full-size luxury SUV, the 2025 Cadillac Escalade IQ starts at a cool $130,000. While we don’t know much about the pricing apart from that, GM has shown off one configuration that adds up to around $175,000.

There will seemingly be four trim levels including Luxury 1, Sport 1, Luxury 2, and Sport 2. Based on what we’ve seen from Caddy models, we suspect these names will change to something a little less generic as we get closer to the Escalade IQ’s summer 2024 launch. GM has teased that there may eventually be an Escalade IQL trim with a longer wheelbase and an Escalade IQ-V trim with boosted performance, according to GM Authority — but this will likely come later.

2025 Cadillac Escalade IQ specs

Although much information about the various Cadillac IQ trims are still behind closed doors, GM has its overall dimensions as well as a handful of options.

Exterior color options

  • Flare Metallic (available with optional black roof)
  • Black Raven
  • Black Cherry Tintcoat (available with optional black roof)
  • Deep Space Metallic (available with optional black roof)
  • Summit White (available with optional black roof)
  • Midnight Steel Frost (available with optional black roof)
  • Luna Metallic (available with optional black roof)

Interior seating options

  • Sheer/medium dark cinder gray
  • Backen black / Santorini


  • 7-spoke alloy wheels with mask/polish with machine face and high gloss black pockets and inserts
  • 7 tri-spoke alloy wheels with deep night metallic
  • 7-spoke alloy wheels with mask/polish with high gloss black pockets and chrome inserts

Exterior dimensions

  • Height: 76.1″
  • Length: 224.3″
  • Width: 94.1″ (including mirrors) 

Interior and tech

A close-up on the new, tech-forward Cadillac Badge from a Cadillac Escalade IQ EV SUV
Image credit: Cadillac

As we mentioned above, one of the primary benefits of the Ultium battery platform is that GM’s designers have unprecedented freedom when it comes to the interior of their vehicles. This remains true for the Escalade IQ, as the combustion-engine version’s cabin would probably be considered a “spacious studio apartment” in some major cities.

With this massive cabin space comes even more real estate for tech, screens, and all sorts of bells and whistles (probably not literally, but who knows?) The Cadillac Escalade IQ will have luxury-level technology including GM’s Super Cruise semi-autonomous driving capabilities as well as other premium trappings like HD Surround Vision that have been announced for its other luxury-level vehicles.

Interior dimensions

  • Cabin cargo space: up to 119.2 cubic-feet
  • eTrunk cargo space: up to 12.2 cubic-feet

2025 Cadillac Escalade IQ electric range and charging times

We see the side emblem of a Cadillac Escalade IQ
Image credit: Cadillac
  • Electric range: up to 450 miles
  • DC fast charging time: 100 miles of range in 10 minutes

Assuming it lives up to its own internal estimates in the real world, the Cadillac Escalade IQ packs some seriously impressive electric range – 450 miles to be exact. And because it gets 100 miles of range from 10 minutes of charging, it would only take a little over 30 minutes to charge from 10% to 80% capacity, or in a less realistic and unadvisable scenario, 45 minutes to reach 100% from 0.

2025 Cadillac Escalade IQ powertrain and 0-60 performance

A close-up of the grill of a Cadillac Escalade IQ EV SUV
Image credit: Cadillac
  • Horsepower: 750 horsepower
  • Torque: 785 lb-ft

GM’s mantra with its latest line of EV SUVs seems to be “bigger is better,” and the Cadillac Escalade IQ is no exception. With 750 horsepower and 785 lb-ft of torque under its belt, you’ll certainly never miss a meeting, even if using all that power in such a hefty machine means putting pedestrians at risk, not to mention other drivers. Though GM hasn’t said a whole lot else about its performance, the 8,660-pound Hummer EV SUV can accelerate from 0-60 in 3.5 seconds – a terrifying thought!

2025 Cadillac Escalade IQ design changes

Unsurprisingly, the Cadillac Escalade shares many of its design elements with the Lyriq – such as the chevron-hatched “black crystal shield” grille and “vertical light blade” smart headlights, but with the Escalade’s even more extravagant styling. It does have a lower stance, thankfully, which is being advertised as a feature to improve its aerodynamics, but in reality, the floor-mounted battery allows for a lower center of gravity.

Otherwise, the 2025 Cadillac Escalade IQ pretty closely resembles the Escalade of old, so if you liked how it looked before, you’ll appreciate the more conservative approach the folks at GM took with this gargantuan block of wealth on wheels.


When will the Cadillac Escalade IQ be released?

While the exact date has yet to be confirmed, GM has confirmed the 2025 model year Cadillac Escalade IQ will arrive at your local dealer no later than summer 2024. We’ll see.

What will the Cadillac Escalade IQ cost?

As the flagship of GM’s luxury all-electric offerings, the 2025 Cadillac Escalade IQ will start at $130,000 for the base trim with no options. Beyond that, the Escalade IQ website shows a $175,000 spec, suggesting the price will go much higher depending on the spec you (or the dealer) decide to order.

What is the Cadillac Escalade IQ’s electric range on a single charge?

See above.

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Donut Media celebrates its new Zumiez clothing collab with an expansive car meet

What’s better than the power to shop? That would be MO POWA, BABEH! There’s not much power in see the merch behind a screen. You want to lay some hands on them and try before you buy. At least that’s what digital merch factory and YouTube giant, Donut Media, aims to do with its newfound friendship with clothing and lifestyle retailer, Zumiez.

As mentioned in social media posts and self-plugs within their videos, Donut Media now sells their popular lineup of clothes and accessories at Zumiez, which kicked off on August 5. To celebrate, Donut hosted a launch party at their local Zumiez store, a branch located in the Del Amo shopping center in Torrance, California. Such an event drew hundreds of attendees with the typical meet-n-greet autograph signings and giveaways, as well as the public unveiling of their Money Pit BMW E36’s new wrap and the appearances of Lo Z and their EG Honda Civic project.

Image: Jeric Jaleco

While attending the meet, it was clear that it’s just as much of a community gathering and celebration of blue-collar car culture as anything else. Fans of the channel gathered from all over to enjoy themselves. Attendees ranged from budding gearheads to Gen X veteran hobbyists, with cars varying from G80 M3s and A90 Supras to S197 Mustangs and Mk3 Volkswagen Golfs. From slammed and stylish to track-built and purposeful, there was an admirably broad and colorful spread of cars – much like the people. 

Scores gathered in awe and admiration of each other’s metal. Many more lined up around the perimeter of the garage to be next in line for autographs from the hosts, whose celebrity status seems to have attracted more than Donut thought it would.

Image: Jeric Jaleco

“Dude, we had people showing up at seven in the morning,” exclaims Donut technical producer, shop director, and Formula D driver, Adam Knapik. “We have people who said they came from Wyoming and Texas just to be here.”

Of course, this wasn’t merely some excuse for Donut to throw a party in the middle of a mall. The importance of the Zumiez collab for Donut, as it would be any major merch brand including Adam LZ, Illest, and Key Street is increasing their reach.

Shopping malls across the country are a new front for the media giant to sling its now-famous line of clothes and accessories to consumers who may not feel bothered to buy online. Now, enthusiasts can lay hands and fit the merch themselves, rather than regrettably buying a size too big or small just because one company’s sizing isn’t quite the same as another’s. Or at least that’s the positive and practical way to look at it. Mall shopping’s still the fun way to go and now merch hunters have more options from a lovable marque when they walk through the door.

Image: Jeric Jaleco
Image: Jeric Jaleco

In all its grandeur and hype, did this moment shift anything within the automotive landscape? Not really, no. Many new cars hardly do that, let alone a clothing line. But it’s nice to know that Buff Horses and Boost Creeps swag is a bit more accessible and easier to buy for those who enjoy that option. And what better way to send the message than a gathering of like-minded hobbyists? Good news for helping to keep the lights on for a channel that did, in fact, send shockwaves through the content creation landscape and spawned a whole new generation of enthusiasts.

Image: Jeric Jaleco

Big congrats and best wishes to you, Donut Media. The community looks forward to the next big thing.

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Cadillac Lyriq charging on a luminous stage

The 2024 Cadillac Lyriq is a familiar tune you’ve already forgotten

Today is your moment. You’re living in the EV transition. In 20 years, your only vehicle may be electric. You might even own or want to buy an electric car like the 2024 Cadillac Lyriq right now. That sounds amazing!

But change is painful. It’s made more difficult by unrealistic emissions targets and those unwilling to change. General Motors (GM) sold 134,726 Cadillacs in 2022. Only 122 of those were the Lyriq. It was second only to GMC’s Hummer EV as the worst-selling vehicle in GM’s fleet, according to GoodCarBadCar. Yet the electric Caddy lives on in the 2024 Cadillac Lyriq, which exists, allegedly. Meanwhile, Tesla’s teasing its cheaper Model 2, which may also exist, allegedly.

It doesn’t take a genius to see what’s wrong with this picture. How can a car that cost $2 billion to develop flop this badly? We’ll get to that, but first, a formal introduction to the 2024 Cadillac Lyriq.

2024 Cadillac Lyriq price and specs

Pricing for the 2024 Cadillac Lyriq starts at $59,990. If you can find one, you’ll get a lot of features, even with the base model.

2024 Cadillac Lyriq Tech

  • Price: $59,990
  • Battery capacity: 102 kWh
  • Power: 340 hp (255 kW), 325 lb-ft of torque
  • EPA-estimated range: 312 miles (RWD)

2024 Cadillac Lyriq Luxury

  • Price: $68,990
  • Battery capacity: 102 kWh
  • Power: 340 hp (255 kW), 450 lb-ft of torque
  • EPA-estimated range: 307 miles (AWD)

2024 Cadillac Lyriq Sport

  • Price: $76,990
  • Battery capacity: 102 kWh
  • Power: 500 hp (255 kW), 450 lb-ft of torque (440 Nm)
  • EPA-estimated range: 307 miles (AWD)

Exterior color options

  • Argent Silver Metallic
  • Stellar Black Metallic
  • Crystal White Tricoat
  • Opulent Blue Metallic 
  • Radiant Red Tintcoat 
  • Emerald Lake Metallic
  • Celestial Metallic
  • Nimbus Metallic

Exterior dimensions

  • Height: 63.9″
  • Length: 196.7″
  • Width: 86.9″ (including mirrors) 

2024 Cadillac Lyriq interior and tech

Interior color options

  • Noir inteluxe seats, two tone upper bolster accents
  • Noir inteluxe seats, santorini blue accents, perforated inserts, dark paperwood trim
  • Sky cool gray inteluxe seats, santorini blue accents, perforated inserts, dark PaperWood trim
  • Oxford stone full nappa leather seats, garnet accents, perforated inserts, Dark Ash genuine open pore wood trim, backlit door accents

Interior dimensions

  • 28.0 cubic-feet, rear seatbacks up
  • 60.8 cubic-feet, rear seatbacks down

GM put the Lyriq in luxury with this interior. Ambient lighting and physical buttons are a welcome addition. Being an EV means the inside of the car is roomy by default. The engineers struck a fine balance between minimalism and comfort. From the classic wood trim to the understated seats, the Lyriq’s interior blends the old with the new in a way that’s distinctively Cadillac.

If you’re into tech, the driver assist package gets you automatic e-braking, adaptive cruise control, parking assist, and blind spot steering assist. The luxury and sport trims can use Supercruise, GM’s legally-not-self-driving “hands-free driver assistance technology for compatible roads.” But that requires an additional subscription.

2024 Cadillac Lyriq range and charging

2024 Cadillac Lyriq plugged into a Level 2 charger inside a home garage
Image source: GM

The Lyriq comes with a 22-ft “Dual-Level” charge cord. The vehicle accepts up to 240-Volt/7.7 kW for up to 21 miles of range per hour of charge. As with most EVs, you can add a Level 2 charger for a faster charge – more on that here.

2024 Cadillac Lyriq Tech

  • Electric range:  314 miles (RWD)
  • Level 2 charging time: Up to 21 miles of range per hour
  • DC fast charging time: 77 miles of range in 10 minutes

2024 Cadillac Lyriq Luxury

  • Electric range:  307 miles (AWD)
  • Level 2 charging time: Up to 21 miles of range per hour
  • DC fast charging time: 77 miles of range in 10 minutes

2024 Cadillac Lyriq Sport

  • Electric range:  309 miles (AWD)
  • Level 2 charging time: Up to 21 miles of range per hour
  • DC fast charging time: 77 miles of range in 10 minutes

2024 Cadillac Lyriq powertrain and 0-60 performance

EVs are known to be rocket ships off the line. The Cadillac Lyriq rear-wheel drive (RWD) has a 0-60 mph time of 5.7 seconds. The all-wheel drive (AWD) version beats that comfortably with 4.6 seconds. Of course, 340 hp and a single motor is more than enough for a luxury SUV. If you want to a bit faster, the luxury and sport trims give you 500 hp and 340 lb.-ft of torque.

Lyriq RWD

  • Electric motor power: 340 hp (255 kW), 325 lb.-ft. of torque (440 Nm)
  • Battery capacity: 102 kWh 
  • Top speed: 118 mph (190 km/h)
  • Acceleration: 6 seconds
  • Drivetrain: Permanent magnet electric single-drive motor

Lyriq AWD

  • Electric motor power: 500 hp (373 kW), 450 lb.-ft. of torque (610 Nm)
  • Battery capacity: 102 kWh
  • Top speed: 130 mph (200 km/h)
  • Acceleration: 4.6 seconds
  • Drivetrain: Permanent magnet electric dual-drive motor

Poor sales numbers

Early production issues put a complete stop to Lyriq deliveries. 2022 saw a vehicle’s software management update, a fix for cracking liftgate panel, and a recall for display issues

Cadillac is not the only legacy automaker having trouble with EVs. Toyota had to recall its bZ4X electric SUV because, I shit you not, its wheels were falling off. An I Think You Should Leave sketch come to life. Hyundai is currently the subject of an NHTSA probe into “complete power loss while driving.”

Cadillac dealership ultimatum

In 2021, dealerships were offered a take-it-or-leave-it ultimatum: Pay $200,000 to upgrade your dealership to our new electric branding, or sell your dealership for $500,000. The service costs related to EVs are much less than ICE vehicles, so a loss in revenue for the dealership is almost guaranteed. 

Much of this underperformance can be attributed to the higher cost of electric cars when compared to gas options.

As Harold Meyerson from The American Prospect recently pointed out, “The big problem for EVs from a price standpoint is that the whole industry has decided that the only way to cater to American tastes is to make their EV fleet out of trucks and SUVs, eliminating the economical sedans that might be affordable.”

But even most of those SUVs and trucks are EV counterparts to premium offerings in each automaker’s respective lineups. Ford has an F-150 Lightning, for example, but it doesn’t offer all-electric variants of the more affordable Maverick and the mid-size Ranger. That may help to explain why the average price of an EV is closer to that of a luxury vehicle than a midrange or economy car across all segments.

That doesn’t even include used cars, which accounted for 74.8% of vehicle sales in the U.S. in 2022, according to the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA). Reduced volume also means dealerships have to mark up their inventory much higher than MSRP. A car on the lot doesn’t translate to an automatic sale. 

EV charging still sucks

The U.S. government has done a great job rolling out EV charging stations. Still, access to charging stations is poor. The average EV charging time is around 40 minutes – and that’s if you find a fast charger. That can be tough considering there are 21 electric vehicles for every charging port available.

That said, EVs can charge overnight and just 4.9% of trips are longer than 30 miles. However, range anxiety is still a stumbling block for potential EV buyers.

The Lyriq exists to meet emissions targets

Let’s be honest for a moment, current EPA emissions targets are next to impossible for manufacturers to meet. Consumer demand is not shifting fast enough. We’re nowhere close to achieving a clean energy grid. Although U.S battery production is on a monumental upswing, a litany of challenges still exist.

The Lyriq is an investor peg on a large board. GM needs to make the transition to electric vehicles without impacting the sales of its ICE vehicles, which are in higher demand and cheaper to build. 

It’s hard not to be reminded of the 2006 documentary Who Killed the Electric Car? which detailed the EV1, GM’s first electric car it intentionally sabotaged just so it wouldn’t have to make another one. Rather than selling the car to the people who wanted to buy it, the company opted instead to make life hell for anyone that dared ask to take one home. And because the EV1 was only available as a lease, GM eventually took back its supply and crushed nearly every car.

In other words, the EV1 was less of a commercial product and more of an elaborate ploy to tell the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to go fuck themselves. While I’m not saying that’s the case with the Lyriq, how’s that saying go? History doesn’t repeat itself but the lyrics rhyme. Now we call them compliance cars. You don’t need an industrial compactor to destroy a glorified concept car.

The EV outlook

Global EV sales don’t align with emissions targets. BEVs – those with fully electric powertrains as opposed to plug-in hybrids like the Alfa Romeo Tonale we reviewed – made up only 5.8% of U.S. vehicle sales last year, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). Norway led the charge with 71% of new car sales being all-electric. EV-Volumes sheds light on the reality of our so-called electrified future:

“In a scenario towards 100% zero-emission global light vehicle sales in 2045 (as an example for the math), the total number of BEVs in operation reaches 1.1 billion, while the total number of vehicles in operation reaches 2 billion in 2045. By then, over 55% of the stock are BEVs but the sobering truth is also that, with current scrapping rates, over 40% of vehicles in operation still need to burn fuels.”


When will my Cadillac Lyriq be delivered?

If you were part of the initial sign-up, chances are you’ve already received multiple emails, delaying the delivery of your car. EV tax credit issues and software glitches caused initial poor supply.

Does the Cadillac Lyriq qualify for a tax credit?

The vehicle was not classified as an SUV, but as a car, so it did not qualify for the EV tax credit of ~$7500, further delaying production. Q1 2023 saw 968 Lyriqs and GM expect production to ramp up in Q2 and Q3. So you may get your Cadillac Lyriq as late as November.

Is the Cadillac Lyriq reliable?

This is the first fully-electric Cadillac vehicle. There are bound to be teething issues. The J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Study ranked the Cadillac brand 9th overall, above BMW and Mercedes Benz. GM continues to invest in and improve its Ultium BEV platform as well.

When will the Cadillac Lyriq be available at a GM dealership?

Delivery to a dealership can take up to 100 days. Production has ramped up this year with 8,000 vehicles expected to be delivered.

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The powerful 2024 Chevy Silverado EV is a massive truck with a big price tag

General Motors has been hyping up its Ultium battery platform since it was announced in March 2020. The innovative battery system enables a lower center of gravity for electric vehicles and frees up interior space. GM’s latest Ultium release is an all-electric take on Chevrolet’s iconic Silverado 1500 pickup truck. The American automaker is aiming for the commercial market initially with the 2024 Chevy Silverado EV — rolling out their lower-priced WT (Work Truck) trim this summer with the premium RST First Edition trim promised for fall 2023.

While clearly inspired by the beefy Silverado, the 2024 Chevy Silverado EV (much like its cousin the GMC Hummer EV) isn’t simply an electric motor retrofitted into an existing shell. These electric SUVs were purpose designed to lead GM’s electric revolution — enabling a future where size is no longer an impediment to electrification.

With a range of 400mi. on a single charge and up to 754 hp, the 2024 Chevy Silverado EV shows how GM continues to be two steps ahead of their American automaker rivals at Ford when it comes to making that future a reality.

2024 Chevy Silverado EV price and trim level options

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A white electric 2024 Chevy Silverado EV WT pickup truck is seen on an open highway.
Image credit: Chevy

The 2024 Chevy Silverado will be available in two trim levels initially. The WT (or work truck) trim is being marketed to fleet operators who are looking to electrify their commercial vehicles. Despite initial promises that this trim would have an MSRP of around $42,000, the currently available 4WT trim comes in at a whopping $79,800. GM has stated that the full line of Silverado EVs will include trims with shorter ranges and thus, lower MSRPs. The daily-driver targeted RST First Edition trim will set you back $106,895 if you’re willing to wait until it’s released sometime this fall.

2024 Chevy Silverado EV 4WT (available now)

  • Starting Price: MSRP $79,800 (including destination fee)
  • Electric motor power: 510 hp and 615 lb-ft of torque
  • EPA-estimated range: 450 mi.

2024 Chevy Silverado EV 3WT (coming soon)

  • Starting Price: estimated MSRP $74,800 (including destination fee)
  • Electric motor power: 510 hp and 615 lb-ft of torque
  • EPA-estimated range: 350 mi.

2024 Chevy Silverado EV RST First Edition (fall 2023)

  • Starting price: $106,895 (including destination fee)
  • Electric motor power: 754 hp and 785 lb-ft of torque
  • EPA-estimated range: 400 mi.

2024 Chevy Silverado EV exterior color options

  • 2024 Chevy Silverado EV WT
    • Summit White
    • Black
  • 2024 Chevy Silverado EV RST
    • Black
    • Northsky Blue Metallic
    • Cherry Red Tintcoat
    • Red Hot
    • Greenstone Metallic
    • Silver Ice metallic
    • Iridescent Pearl Tricoat
    • Summit White
    • Mosaic Black Metallic

2024 Chevy Silverado EV interior color options

  • Jet Black, Leather
  • Jet Black, Choccachino
  • Gideon, Atmosphere (leather)

Interior and tech

We see the rear seats of a Chevy Silverado EV. The leg room is ample.
Image credit: Chevy

Thanks to the Ultium system, GM’s designers have considerably more space to work with for the 2024 Chevy Silverado EV’s cabin — and it shows. Silverado drivers should be used to cavernous cockpits, but even the “stripped down” WT trim will feel bigger than you might expect, with a generous space for all five passengers. And the theme of “bigger is better” doesn’t stop there — with the rear seats folded down, the EV’s bed can accommodate items up to 10ft. 10in. Even the eTrunk (you might call it a “frunk”) is massive, offering around 9 cu. ft. of additional storage.

We see a white Chevy Silverado EV pickup truck with the "eTrunk" or frunk (front-trunk) open.
Image credit: Chevy

2024 Chevy Silverado EV WT dimensions

Interior space

  • Front seat headroom: 41.9″
  • Rear seat headroom: 39.7″
  • Front seat legroom: 44.8″
  • Rear seat legroom: 44.3″
  • Front seat hip room: 62.0″
  • Rear seat hip room: 61.5″
  • Front seat shoulder room: 64.9″
  • Rear seat shoulder room: 63.8″

Exterior dimensions:

  • Wheelbase: 145.7″
  • Overall length: 233.1″
  • Overall width: 93.9″ (with mirrors) / 81.6″ (without mirrors)
  • Overall height: 78.0″
  • Track width (front/rear): 68.9″/68.9″

2024 Chevy Silverado EV RST dimensions

Interior space:

  • Front seat headroom: 43.9″
  • Rear seat headroom: 38.7″
  • Front seat legroom: 44.8″
  • Rear seat legroom: 44.3″
  • Front seat hip room: 62.0″
  • Rear seat hip room: 61.5″
  • Front seat shoulder room: 64.9″
  • Rear seat shoulder room: 63.8″

Exterior dimensions:

  • Wheelbase: 145.7″
  • Overall length: 233.1″
  • Overall width: 94.3″ (with mirrors) / 83.8″ (without mirrors)
  • Overall height: 78.7″
  • Track width (front/rear): 68.7″/68.7″
We see the interior of a 2024 Chevy Silverado EV pickup truck. It is very spacious and has a lot of screens.
Image credit: Chevy

As far as tech goes, the Chevy Silverado EV RST First Edition promises to be fully loaded. GM’s press release even promises access to future technologies that will become “necessities that you’ll never want to drive without.” Self-driving, in the form of GM’s “Super Cruise,” offers hands-free operation on some 400,000 mi. of roads in the US and Canada. The WT trims likely will not include as many bells and whistles but Edmunds’ review of a Silverado EV 4WT found many features will come standard even on the fleet-level versions.

Tech features:

  • Super Cruise hands-free operation
  • Ultifi software platform for personalization and updates
  • Standard Safety Assist
    • Automatic emergency braking
    • Front pedestrian braking
    • Lane keep assist with lane departure warning
    • Forward collision alert
    • Intellibeam headlights
    • Following distance indicator
  • 17 in. infotainment screen (RST First Edition)
  • 11 in. driver instrument display (RST First Edition)
  • 14 in. heads-up driver display (RST First Edition)

2024 Chevy Silverado EV electric range and charging times

We see a white 2024 Chevy Silverado EV pickup truck at a charging station.
Image credit: Chevy

The flexible Ultium battery platform shines once again with the 2024 Silverado EV. Thus far, GM has rolled out the system on its GMC Hummer EV, Cadillac Lyriq, and BrightDrop Zevo electric vehicles with many new models promised in the next few years. The Silverado EV offers impressive range for its considerable size, although future WT trims will have scaled-back battery arrays (and lower MSRPs).

  • 2024 Chevy Silverado EV 4WT
    • Electric range: 450 miles
    • Charging time: 10 minutes to 100 miles range (DC Fast Charging up to 350kW)
  • 2024 Chevy Silverado EV 3WT
    • Electric range: 350 miles
    • Charging time: 10 minutes to 100 miles range (DC Fast Charging up to 350kW)
  • 2024 Chevy Silverado EV RST First Edition
    • Electric range: 400 miles
    • Charging time: 10 minutes to 100 miles range (DC Fast Charging up to 350kW)

2024 Chevy Silverado EV engine and performance

We see a blue 2024 Chevy Silverado EV pickup truck with tunnel lights zooming by.
Image credit: Chevy

Simply put, with the Chevy Silverado EV, power is the name of the game. While the WT trim will offer a good amount of muscle, clocking in at 510 hp and 615 lb-ft of torque, GM has been really pushing the RST First Edition’s performance numbers. Their latest test numbers have the 2024 Silverado EV RST First Edition boasting 754 hp and 785 lb-ft of torque and up to 10,000 lbs. of towing. Compare this to the combustion engine 2024 Chevy Silverado 1500 performance trims’ 420 horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque.

  • 2024 Chevy Silverado EV 4WT
    • Electric Motor Power: 510 hp and 615 lb-ft of torque
    • Towing: 10,000 pounds
    • Payload: 1,400 pounds
  • 2024 Chevy Silverado EV RST
    • Electric Motor Power: 754 hp and 785 lb-ft of torque
    • Towing: up to 10,000 pounds
    • Payload: TBA

Design changes

We see the headlights of a 2024 Silverado EV RST First Edition.
Image credit: Chevy

As mentioned above, the 2024 Silverado EV was built from the wheels up to make optimal use of the Ultium battery platform. The RST First Edition will have a number of attractive design elements, including optional 24-inch aluminum wheels, modern lighting accents on the exterior and interior, and a fixed-glass roof for a panoramic view.

The bed of a Chevy Silverado EV has been laid all the way down, allowing over 10" of items.
Image credit: Chevy

The star of the show is the redesigned “Multi-Flex Midgate,” which allows you to extend the floor of the electric pickup truck’s bed to up to 10 ft. 10 in, as seen above. The tailgate’s “inner gate” also can become a step that accommodates up to 375 lbs for easier loading and unloading. All in all, it’s clear GM is hoping that eco-conscious companies in need of pickup truck fleets will adopt the Silverado EV as their primary electric vehicle — and RST First Edition buyers will reap all the benefits of this research and development.

2024 Chevy Silverado EV review round-up

We see a white 2024 Chevy Silverado EV pickup truck towing a small front-loader.
Image credit: Chevy

The RST First Edition has only been teased at car shows and press events so far, but a few reporters across the auto-verse have gotten their hands on the 2024 Chevy Silverado EV 4WT. Here are their early thoughts on GM’s latest electric pickup.

The Silverado EV is an intriguing take on an electric pickup. With its unique chassis and class-leading range and power, it’s in many ways a more sophisticated, ambitious take on a full-size electric truck than Ford’s F-150 Lightning. As a result, however, it’s also significantly costlier and heavier. We’ll need more wheel time and a head-to-head comparison to determine which design approach we prefer.

Chris Paukert – Edmunds

Current GM truck owners will quickly acclimate to piloting the electrified Silverado. The 4WT moves along with the quiet refinement expected of an EV, with a synthesized hum playing through its stereo speakers only under hard acceleration. It feels as quick as any Silverado we’ve driven, with a responsiveness that makes short work of passing maneuvers on country roads.

Mike Sutton – Car and Driver

A near-$80,000 starting price for a bare-bones work truck is a tough pill to swallow. We get why that is to a certain extent given its all-new platform and advanced battery tech. But through that same lens, its basic interior and crashy ride quality become much harder to justify.

On its face, though, the 2024 Chevy Silverado EV WT is a promising start. We’ll reserve judgment on its real-world range and towing capabilities outside this very brief preview, but at first pass, it seems to be a no-frills tool that’ll happily keep up with you at the job site. And this is only the beginning.

Kristen Lee – MotorTrend


We see a silver Silverado EV pickup truck at a worksite.
Image credit: Chevy

What is the estimated range?

The 2024 Chevy Silverado EV 4WT trim offers an estimated range of 450 mi. on a single charge, while the forthcoming 2024 RST will have an estimated range of 400 mi. GM has promised lower-tier versions of the WT trim in the future with less range and lower starting prices.

Are reservations open?

Unfortunately, as of writing (July 6, 2023) reservations are currently full for the 2024 Chevy Silverado EV, according to Chevy’s website. Interested buyers can leave their email to be notified when reservations re-open.

When will the 2024 Chevy Silverado EV be available?

The production model Chevy Silverado EV 4WT has been rolling off production lines, but unless you’re a fleet operator planning to electrify your commercial vehicles, you’ll have to wait until the RST First Edition premium trim launches sometime in fall 2023.

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The 2025 Tesla Model 2 could shake up Tesla’s ‘luxury’ image, if it ever comes out

Tesla released the Model 3 several years ago as an affordable option in its existing line of vehicles. While it started with a reasonable price tag, the Model 3 hasn’t reached the “cheap EV” status Tesla initially touted. Many believe the company is working on a smaller, more affordable model to fulfill this promise, and it’s expected to be released in 2024. Though we don’t know the name yet, Model 2 seems a likely fit for the upcoming EV. The automaker may also offer a performance variant and a long-range model, but there’s plenty of time before its release for specifics to materialize.

Tesla Model 2 price and specs

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Tesla hasn’t detailed pricing for the new car yet, but we can take clues from its other models. All specs and pricing are estimates and may change drastically before the car’s release date.

2025 Tesla Model 2 Base

  • Price: $25,000 (approximate, expected)
  • Range: 250 miles (approximate, expected)
  • Performance: Up to 300 hp

2025 Model 2 Long Range

  • Price: $35,000
  • Range: 320 miles
  • Performance: Up to 350 hp

2025 Model 2 Performance

  • Price: $40,000
  • Range: 300 miles
  • Performance: Up to 400 hp

Tesla doesn’t typically offer many options for its vehicles and equips most features as standard. That includes safety equipment, interior and tech upgrades, and more. However, most color options do cost extra. Buyers can easily spend thousands more than the base price on the automaker’s advanced cruise control features. Autopilot and Full Self-Driving tech alone can add as much as $15,000 to the car’s base price.

Because it manufactures vehicles in the United States, most Tesla models are eligible for federal tax credits of up to $7,500. That could be a significant benefit to the Model 2, as it would make the final price much lower after the credits are claimed. Of course, this all depends on Tesla’s ability to reach the low price point to begin with.

Depending on how it’s positioned at launch, the Model 2 could compete with a range of EVs, from the upcoming Chevrolet Equinox EV to the Hyundai Ioniq 5. If the car ends up being a small hatchback as expected, it will be one of the only compact, affordable EVs on sale. Most automakers in the space focused on higher-end profit-driving vehicles before moving to the cheaper end of the spectrum.

Tesla EVs: Model 2 vs Model 3

Image credit: Tesla

The Model 2 will be smaller and less powerful than the Model 3, but it likely won’t be slow. Electric vehicles produce massive torque off the line, which gives them an advantage over internal combustion engines. Because of that, even “slow” EVs feel quick, so the Model 2 won’t be a slouch. Expect a lower range estimate and smaller battery packs than the Model 3. 

Both vehicles benefit from access to Tesla’s Supercharger network. The automaker’s chargers offer seamless charging and access through its app. Though some chargers are opening to outside EV brands, the almost-exclusive Supercharger network is more robust and complete than other charging networks. However, electric vehicles still take time to charge, which can create long wait times at Superchargers in EV-heavy areas like California.

Like all electric vehicles, Teslas tend to require less maintenance for normal operations. Regenerative braking helps prevent brake wear, as the electric motors help slow the vehicle. There are also no moving parts under the hood, removing the need for engine oil, transmission fluid, or air filters. That said, EVs tend to chew through tires much faster than gas vehicles. This is because they are much heavier and their instant torque leads to lead-footed driving, which causes faster tire wear. 

Tesla in the news

After years of price increases, Tesla began cutting prices earlier in 2023, leading some to wonder if demand had waned. Even so, the company is expanding its operations with a new facility in Mexico and has leased significant warehouse space to continue its growth. The company is preparing to release its advanced driving tech in Europe, which could happen as early as 2024.

Though we’re talking about a potential new vehicle from Tesla, it’s important to note that it has not yet released the long-awaited Cybertruck or the Roadster, both of which were announced years ago. Additionally, Tesla’s Full Self-Driving and Autopilot tech have caused plenty of concern after several high-profile crashes have highlighted the company’s relaxed attitude toward driver monitoring when using the tech. Though it charges $15,000 for FSD, Tesla still considers the tech a beta, despite the fact that real drivers are currently testing it in the real world. 

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Hummer’s new crab-walking SUV is finally here and it’s electric

For years, eco-friendly Hummer fans have been conflicted. How can one rectify the urge to protect Mother Nature with the overwhelming, primal need to climb into a military-grade gas guzzler? Waffle no more, because the 2024 Hummer EV SUV is finally available — if you already reserved one.

This sibling to the Hummer EV SUT pickup truck introduces a number of flashy new options, including an innovative feature where the Hummer EV SUV can be used to charge other EVs. This beefy, tactically-styled electric SUV boasts enough bells and whistles to justify the luxury price tag — like Hummer’s proprietary “crab walk” tech, previously only available on the EV SUT.

The Great Recession of 2008 was a death knell for GMC’s original run of Hummer vehicles, as the badge was retired in 2010. Gone are the days of Arnold Schwarzenegger pulling up to movie premieres in decommissioned military Humvees. As trucks and SUVs got bigger and bigger over the next decade, GMC saw a chance to bring the brand back as an all-electric, edgy competitor to the increasingly ubiquitous Land Rover. Joe Biden even got to test-drive one.

Will GMC’s big bet on electrifying an SUV whose name became synonymous with excess and air pollution pay off? Let’s see what makes the 2024 Hummer EV SUV stand out in an increasingly crowded field.

2024 Hummer EV SUV price and trim levels

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We see a grey-green 2024 Hummer EV SUV sitting in front of a fancy house somewhere.
Image credit: GMC

The 2024 Hummer SUV is available in four trim options, the EV2, the EV2X, the EV3X, and the Edition 1. The Edition 1 is limited to 1,000 and is already sold out. Waiting lists for all three regular trim options have been slammed since they were announced, so don’t be surprised if you can’t find one at your local GM dealership. Hummer owners have generally always been known for their patience.

2024 Hummer EV2 SUV

  • Starting Price: MSRP: $80,395 DFC: $1,995
  • EV2 standard features:
    • Super Cruise – GM’s proprietary self-driving system
    • Adrenaline Mode – sends more power to the wheels, granting faster acceleration
    • Infinity Roof – removable panels and i-bar allowing an open-air driving experience
    • Surround Vision – a 14-camera system for safety and visibility

2024 Hummer EV2X SUV

  • Starting price: MSRP: $90,395 DFC: $1,995
  • EV2X standard features:
    • Longer Range – 800-volt DC fast-charging capability up to 300 kW for about 50 miles more range
    • 4-Wheel Steer – for a tight turning radius and maneuverability on rough terrains
    • CrabWalk Mode – vehicle can move sideways, like a crab (for tight terrains or parallel parking)
    • Extract Mode – an air suspension system that allows the vehicle to be raised or lowered as needed

2024 Hummer EV3X SUV

  • Starting price: MSRP: $100,395 DFC: $1,995
  • EV3X standard features:
    • Ultium e4WD – a third motor, for more power.
    • Torque vectoring – intelligent 4WD to prevent slipping
    • Watts To Freedom mode – an immersive experience including sounds and haptic feedback
    • Available Power Station generator – charges almost anything, including other EVs

2024 Hummer EV SUV Edition 1

  • Starting price: MSRP: $105,595 DFC: $1,595
  • Edition 1 standard features:
    • One-Pedal Driving – deceleration begins when you take your foot off the pedal, charging the batteries
    • Terrain Mode – modified One-Pedal Driving for off-road terrains
    • Sky Panels – translucent Infinity Roof panels

2024 Hummer EV SUV exterior color options:

  • 2024 Hummer EV SUV Edition 1 only
    • Moonshot Green Matte (green)
  • 2024 Hummer EV SUV (late availability and some at additional cost)
    • Afterburner Tintcoat (orange)
    • Deep Aurora Metallic (dark bronze)
    • Interstellar White (white)
    • Meteorite Metallic (gray)
    • Supernova Metallic (dark blue)
    • Tide Metallic (ice blue)
    • Void Black (black)

2024 Hummer EV SUV interior color options:

  • Lunar Horizon (jet black/light gray)
  • Lunar Shadow (jet black/taupe)

Interior and tech

The interior of a 2024 Hummer EV SUV is seen from a top-down angle.
Image credit: GMC

The Hummer EV SUV borrows much of its interior from the EV SUT’s design. As you’d expect, it’s cavernous and should offer plentiful legroom to your professional athlete friends. As with the EV SUT, the 2024 Hummer EV SUV features an Infinity Roof that is fully removable, including the i-bar — in case you live in a part of America that is not rotten with forest fire smoke during peak road trip season. You can even stash the roof panels in the spacious (11 cu ft.) “eTrunk.”

The eTrunk (front trunk) of a Hummer EV SUV.
Image credit: GMC

While the console features multiple large screens for infotainment and the driver’s side dashboard, GMC has included a number of customizable physical buttons to control various aspects of the car — including a t-shaped shifter and rotary drive mode selector. This means 2024 Hummer EV SUV owners will have more controls at their fingertips, instead of hidden beneath an elaborate vehicle operating system.

We see the inside of a 2024 Hummer EV SUV highlighting the infotainment center and large windsheild.
Image credit: GMC

Regarding tech features, GMC touts the 2024 Hummer EV SUV’s Super Cruise, which allows hands-free driving on over 200,000 miles of roads in the U.S. — including lane changes. Additionally, HD Surround Vision supplied by 14 cameras keeps you safe and aware of what’s going on around you. The GMC press release also promises some 200 additional accessories that will be available to personalize your 2024 Hummer EV SUV.

Interior space

  • Seating capacity: 5
  • Front head room: 42.48″
  • Front leg room: 45.57″
  • Front shoulder room: 63.87″
  • Front hip room: 60.5″
  • Second row head room: 38.4″
  • Second row leg room: 39.0″
  • Second row shoulder room: 63.98″
  • Second row hip room: 60.2″

Exterior dimensions

  • Wheelbase: 126.69″
  • Length: 206.7″
  • Width, without mirrors: 86.46″
  • Height: 77.8″

Cargo area dimensions

  • Cargo space/area behind front row (with rear seat down): 81.8 cu ft.
  • Cargo space/area behind second row: 35.9 cu ft.

Tech features

  • 13.4″ infotainment screen
  • 12.3″ driver information center display
  • Integration with the myGMC app
  • In-vehicle energy app
  • Digital key
  • HD Surround Vision (14 cameras)
  • Off-road widgets

2024 Hummer EV SUV electric range and charging times

We see the left rear tail light and charging port of a 2024 Hummer EV Suv
Image credit: GMC

The Hummer EV SUV sets itself apart from the competition with its optional Power Station generator. Unlike Ford’s F-150, which generates power from its internal combustion engine, the Hummer’s Power Station is all electric and promises up to 25 amps (3.0 kW) for 120-volt power or 6.0 kW at 240 volts (for charging other EVs). This power-sharing feature might not get your pal’s car all the way up to 100%, but in most cases, it should be more than enough to jumpstart a stranded electric vehicle.

2024 Hummer EV SUV battery info

  • Battery pack: liquid-cooled lithium-ion, 170.0 kWh
  • Onboard charger: 19.2 kW
  • Peak DC fast-charge rate: 300 kW
  • Estimated range: 314mi (EV3X trim)
  • DC fast charge time (10-90%): 128 minutes

Engine and performance

We see a 2024 Hummer EV SUV playing in the mud
Image credit: GMC

The Hummer EV SUV was built around GMC’s top-of-the-line Ultium platform, a “flexible battery architecture” that according to the automaker is going to “change [your] life.” This new approach to manufacturing and aligning batteries allows GMC to create EVs that apparently have “a near 50/50 weight distribution of the vehicle and a lower center of gravity, which together result in a vehicle that’s sporty, responsive and allows for spirited driving.”

2024 Hummer EV SUV powertrain info

  • Transmissions: direct-drive
  • Front motor: permanent-magnet synchronous AC
  • Rear motors: 2 permanent-magnet synchronous AC
  • Combined power: 830 hp
  • Combined torque: 1200 lb-ft
  • 0-60 speed: 3.5 seconds (manufacturer claim)

Design changes

We see a 2024 Hummer EV SUV head-on, highlighting the grill, and new tactical features on the vehicle.
Image credit: GMC

While the 2024 Hummer EV SUV shares a lot of design DNA with its SUT cousin, GMC went all out with the SUV-specific details. Electrified details on the badges and throughout the cabin help the future-forward design stand out. A power swing-out tailgate comes equipped with a full-sized spare and opens up to a massive cabin that allows for 81.8 cubic feet of space when the rear seats are folded down.

And if all of that doesn’t sound quite big enough, the back door swings all the way open, granting you an unimpeded 48″ opening — perfect for tailgating, camping, and packing up everything to hit the road when debt collectors try to repossess your $100k SUV.

2024 Hummer EV SUV review round-up

2024 GMC HUMMER EV SUV drives down a coastal road with palm trees.
Image credit: GMC

Reservations for the 2024 Hummer EV SUV are currently full, so it could be a while until the team here at Acceleramota gets our hands on one, so here’s a quick round-up of some thoughts from around the world of automobile journalism.

The Hummer EV SUV defies a lot of expectations. It accelerates like a sports car, handles like it’s thousands of pounds lighter, and charms with the improbability of it all. There’s not much on-pavement grip, but it’s capable off-road, and you’ll never have to worry about sucking water into the intake. There’s a lot of weight here, but there’s also a lot of everything. Born of attitude and consequently full of attitude, the Hummer EV SUV left us thoroughly entertained.

Tony Quiroga – Car & Driver

The Hummer SUV is a riot on the road, but when pavement gives way to dirt, the real fun begins. With specs that rival Jeep’s Wrangler Rubicon, the Hummer SUV boasts an approach angle of 49.6 degrees, a breakover angle of 34.4 degrees, and a departure angle of 45.6 degrees. (Removing the spare tire bumps departure angle up to 49.0 degrees.) It also has up to 16 inches of ground clearance and 13 inches of wheel travel, can climb an 18-inch vertical wall, and can ford up to 32 inches of water.

Jason Gonderman – Motor Trend

It shouldn’t make any sense. But drive it for a couple of days and you realise being sensible is for other vehicles. The Hummer is about fun.

Top Gear


When will the 2024 Hummer EV SUV be available?

The 2024 Hummer EV SUV has been rolling off the production line for a few months now, but it could be a while before you see one at a GMC lot. You can sign up to “stay in the know” on GMC’s site but your best bet might be surreptitiously becoming best friends with someone who works at a dealership if you’d like to get your hands on one.

How many miles can the 2024 Hummer EV SUV drive on a single charge?

GMC’s documentation says the 2024 Hummer EV SUV can travel about 314 miles on a single charge at the EV3X trim level. According to Car and Driver’s testing, the 2024 Hummer EV SUV had a range of 250 miles at 75 mph.

Who makes the 2024 Hummer EV SUV?

The 2024 Hummer EV SUV is manufactured by GMC, a subsidiary of General Motors. General Motors has owned the Humvee (later Hummer) branding since 1998. The Hummer line was initially discontinued in 2010 after the anti-gas-guzzler backlash related to the Great Recession. In 2020, GMC announced that the nameplate would be returning, rebranding Hummer as a line of electric super trucks.

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Alfa Romeo Tonale plug-in hybrid review: Green looks good on you

As I drove the 2024 Alfa Romeo Tonale over the past couple of weeks, I finally understood America’s infatuation with SUVs. I rode high on my steel throne, as my feet sat 6 inches from the ground and the tip of the brim on my cap hit the ceiling 5 feet in the air. My head was in the clouds, and no pothole in Queens was a match for my all-wheel drive (AWD) subcompact crossover. But unlike most vehicles in its class, the Alfa Romeo Tonale pops out like a peacock in a flock of pigeons.

In the last season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, there’s a scene where the Weissman family is sitting down at the table eating breakfast. Midge, reviewing color swatches for her new bathroom fixtures, decides she’s going to buy a pink toilet. Her father, Abe, isn’t having any of it though, insisting toilets should only ever be white. But Midge, being Midge, doesn’t back down. Mildly annoyed, she quips, “A pink toilet is still a toilet, just a little more fun!”

Growing up as a kid in the early aughts, the master bathroom in our house had a pink toilet with a matching shower, tub, and double vanities. The half bathroom near the kitchen was furnished with a toilet and sink in dark green. Around the time we stopped drinking skim milk with dinner, colorful bathrooms went out of fashion I guess, seeing as all our stuff was replaced with the same stuff but in a more neutral white. Soon thereafter, it seemed the world had turned monochromatic and sterile.

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2024 Alfa Romeo Tonale design

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As Frank Markus said for Motor Trend, the Alfa Romeo Tonale is “being pitched to women and millennials.” Not the enthusiast type, but the “taking your kids to soccer practice” type. Its goal is to steal market share from the BMW X1 and Mercedes GLA-Class, and it may very well do that.

With every new BMW seemingly competing for the Most Repulsive Grille Award, its aversion to change works to Alfa’s benefit. The self-serious marketing copy on its website might be slightly hyperbolic (see the graphic I made below for the Greatest Hits), but the Alfa Romeo Tonale is a better-looking SUV than just about every other crossover on the market, not that it’s an especially high bar considering every car looks the same now.

A compilation of hyperbolic marketing quotes
Graphic: Gabe Carey (Acceleramota)

The tasteful V-shaped Scudetto (Italian for “little shield”) grille is unwavering, practically identical to the one on the 8C Competizione that brought Alfa back to the States in 2008. The appearance will differ slightly from trim to trim. It’s gloss black on our Veloce, whereas the midrange Ti sparkles silver, and the Sprint’s grille is a more subdued black than the Veloce’s, outlined in a more economical plastic material. As Top Gear said in its review of the U.K.-spec Alfa Romeo Tonale, the “elegant shield grille makes you wonder why rivals are making such a horlicks of their increasingly pugnacious frontal styling.” How very British of them.

The only substantial change to the front end from the Alfa models before it is the Marelli 12-zone adaptive headlight system. Rather than burning the retinas out from the skull of the driver in front of you, each zone responds independently to your outside driving conditions. When you’re cruising through town at low speeds, for instance, it reduces power consumption as well as glare by only utilizing the necessary lighting zones for optimal visibility. It kinda reminds me of how OLED TVs work, in a sense.

Don’t hold your breath for a Quadrifoglio like the Giulia and Stelvio before it, though. Because it’s PHEV (plug-in hybrid)-only in the United States, I doubt we’ll see a Tonale with a Ferrari-derived engine, as is the Alfa CEO. (Sorry, losers, no four-leaf clover this time!)

2024 Alfa Romeo Tonale (left) parked next to a red 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio
Photo credit: Gabe Carey (Acceleramota)

More so than previous Alfa Romeo models, the 2024 Tonale won’t let you forget where its assembly plant is based. Three Italian flags brazenly appear throughout – two on the side mirrors and one prominently displayed below the gear shift. Perhaps it’s to distract you from the DNA it shares with red-blooded American muscle cars and 4x4s, thanks to its absorption into Stellantis, which also owns Jeep, Ram, Chrysler, and Dodge. Because found on the driver’s side window, brake calipers, and even in the engine bay are the obligatory Official Mopar® stamps of approval.

2024 Alfa Romeo Tonale colors

Parked on the street, I was sitting in the car one morning queueing up music on CarPlay when I saw a teacher walk by chaperoning a group of young elementary school kids. “Wow, look at that car. What color is that?” she asked one student.

The child, who could not care less, ignored her question.

“Green, right! Emerald green. Can you say emerald?” The student did not respond.

More recently, I nearly pulverized a pedestrian as he was crossing the street while the traffic light was green. I slowed down, of course, so he could cross. He, too, complimented the car. It seems no matter who you are or how you drive, the Alfa Romeo Tonale will stop people in their tracks, pausing for a moment to stare in awe. Not because it’s an Alfa – New York has plenty of Giulias and Stelvios in black and white and gray. But because it’s green… excuse me, verde fangio.

It isn’t subtle either, calling to mind the shade Aston Martin uses for its Formula 1 cars and has since made its way to production vehicles including the DBX 707 SUV and the new DB12.

Alfa knew what it was doing when it exclusively showcased the green Tonale in just about all of its marketing. Because the green Tonale comes at a $2,000 premium. But even if you, like me, believe an eye-catching color is well worth the added cost, it’s no longer available to order from the Alfa Romeo site as of this writing. Instead, you’ll have to check in with a local dealer and see if they have any in stock.

Otherwise, you can be boring and get yours in Alfa White without spending another dime – or shell out a little more for a lot more visual appeal. Whatever you do, just don’t buy gray or Stellantis will dunk you in a vat of orange paint.

Exterior paint colors

  • Alfa White (white): $0
  • Alfa Rosso (red): $500
  • Alfa Black (black): $500
  • Grigio Ascari Metallic (gray): $660
  • Misano Blue Metallic: $2,200

2024 Alfa Romeo Tonale price

Like most cars, the Alfa Romeo Tonale’s price isn’t one-size-fits-all. It comes in three different trim levels, each with its own packages and options. While it starts at $42,995, chances are slim you’ll find a vanilla Sprint model with no additional toppings sitting on the lot of the Maserati dealership near you (where most Alfa Romeos are sold). And, even if you do, there’s a $1,595 destination charge on top of the base price regardless of which configuration you choose.

Trim levels (before taxes and fees)

  • Sprint: $42,995
  • Ti: $44,995
  • Veloce: $47,495
Photo credit: Gabe Carey (Acceleramota)

With that in mind, I do recommend leasing a Tonale as opposed to financing, for a number of reasons. The first is that while the list of cars you can buy that qualify for the EV tax credit is getting smaller and smaller, it’s still the wild west for lessees. That’s one of the main reasons you may have noticed a sudden influx of lease deals, even in our own coverage. As long it can be driven using the electric powertrain by itself, at least some of the time, any leased car is eligible for the full $7,500.

In theory, leasing a V8-powered BMW XM could net you the credit, but the mild-hybrid Toyota Prius will not. (I haven’t tried it, but if you do, please report back to me). Ironic considering the XM gets an estimated 13 mpg in the city while the Prius can achieve upwards of 50 mpg. All because the BMW XM is a PHEV, which can travel a whole 30 miles on battery alone, and surely Americans will only use the gas engine as a backup in that ungodly gas guzzler.

Unfortunately, leasing a vehicle means the dealer still holds the title, so the tax credit goes straight to them. Gold Coast Maserati was kind enough to pass the savings on to us, lowering our monthly payment. That won’t always be the case, of course, so make sure you ask your salesperson about the tax credit before signing any paperwork. Remember, walking out is the best negotiation tactic when visiting any car dealership.

2024 Alfa Romeo Tonale interior and tech

The interior of any Alfa Romeo is going to be divisive, and the Tonale is no exception. Starting with the high notes, the heated seats and heated leather steering wheel come standard, as do eight-way adjustable front seats, a 12.3-inch LCD instrument cluster display, a 10.25-inch center touch display, a built-in universal garage door opener, and wireless phone charging.

In making the most of its subcompact frame, Alfa literally outdid itself with the Tonale’s interior. Despite its smaller dimensions on the outside, the Tonale beats the Stelvio when it comes to legroom in both the front and rear cabins. Of course, the Tonale falls short on headroom in comparison to its mid-sized sibling, but only by less than an inch in the back and just under 2 inches in the front. And while it lacks the cargo space of the Stelvio with the back seats down, the Tonale has 4.4 cubic-feet more storage when the seats are up. Yet, despite offering less space, the Stelvio is taller, wider, and longer than the Tonale, making the 2.0L Stelvio’s place in the market all the more confusing.

In addition to the standard interior and tech trappings, the 2024 Alfa Romeo Tonale has a handful of premium options, but keep your expectations in check, especially if you go for the base trim.

For an extra $1,200, you can add a power moonroof with a matching black shade you can open or close using electronic overhead switches. We outfitted ours with the moonroof, and apart from getting it in a strong color, it’s the only other must-have on the list. Not that it’s a particularly special sunroof. Alfa calls it “semi-panoramic,” which I guess is semi-true. The shade can retract fully, but the moonroof itself stops about halfway. So while your rear-seat passengers can see the sky above them, they won’t be able to recreate this scene. For safety reasons, that’s for the best.

Speaking of safety, an optional $1,895 Active Assist package introduces a few more bells and whistles to reduce the chance of collision. The active driving assist system enables Level 2 autonomous driving, employing an array of sensors to accelerate and brake for you while maintaining your lane position in keeping with the traffic flow. Not self-driving, but certainly more robust than old-school cruise control. On top of the auto-dimming rear-view mirror inside the car, the Active Assist package also dims the side mirrors, an unfortunate necessity given the increasingly blinding headlights on newer cars.

While we did get the full suite of Active Assist features with our Tonale, in retrospect, it was mostly overkill. The main reason we wanted it was for the parking assist features. Living in NYC, as you can imagine, we have to pull into a lot of tight spaces, whether it’s on the street or in a garage. Sometimes those spaces are so tight we give up halfway through to find another spot. Even if we can pull off the tricky maneuver, the cost-benefit analysis we do in our heads advises us against it.

Again, using tiny cameras all around your car to create a 360-degree map of its exterior, the surround-view system eliminates the guesswork. And holy shit does it let you know when you’re too close to something! The incessant beeping drives me to madness, but it’s better than driving me to the body shop. Unless you do a lot of city parking, you can probably skip Active Assist. The standard features will be more than enough for most drivers.

Tech, safety & infotainment

  • Uconnect 5 navigation w/ 10.25-inch touch display
  • 12.3-inch full TFT LCD color display
  • 6-speaker audio
  • Universal garage door opener
  • Wireless charging pad
  • Alfa DNA drive mode system
  • Automatic e-brake
  • Blind spot and cross-path detection
  • Driver attention alert
  • Enhanced adaptive cruise control
  • Forward-collision warning + full stop
  • Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA)
  • Lane-keep assist
  • LED daytime running headlights
  • Front and rear park assist
  • ParkView backup camera
  • Passive speed-limiting device
  • Remote start
  • Tire pressure monitoring display
  • Traffic sign recognition


  • Sport cloth heated seats
  • Heated leather sport steering wheel
  • Door panel bottle holders
  • Consoles and storage
  • Console with armrest
  • Overhead console
  • Sun visors with illuminated vanity mirror

Climate control

  • AC w/ dual-zone temperature control
  • Rear air vents
  • PTC heater

Windows and locks

  • Power front and rear windows with 1-touch up/down

Interior mirrors

  • Auto-dimming rear-view mirror
  • Floor mats
  • Front floor mats

Interior design

  • Black headliner
  • MPH primary speedometer
  • Vinyl door trim panel
  • Vinyl instrument panel


  • High-performance driving: $1,500
    • Features: paddle shifters, aluminum pedals, Brembo brakes w/ Alfa Romeo script
  • Active assist advanced: $2,000
    • Features: intelligent speed control, traffic sign recognition, 360-degree camera, front, ParkSense park assist
  • Premium interior: $1,500
    • Features: leather-trimmed interior, ventilated front seats
  • Premium interior & sound: $2,500
    • Features: leather-trimmed interior, ventilated front seats, 12-speaker Harmon Kardon premium sound system

Interior options

  • Sport cloth seat with biscotto stitching: standard
  • Perforated black leather seat: $1,500 or $2,500 (depends on package)

2024 Alfa Rome Tonale design, performance and powertrain

Alright, here we go. The moment all you spec-heads have been waiting for. Lift the curtain and cue the drumroll, please! Commanding 285 horsepower (hp) and 350 lb-ft of torque, Alfa claims the Tonale can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 6 seconds with both the gas engine and electric motors turned on. I haven’t timed it, but that sounds about right, anecdotally speaking. Apart from the AMG version of the Mercedes GLA, the Tonale really does pack the best performance in its class. It might weigh 4,150 pounds at the curb, but in 2023 where everything is built like a tank, that’s less than some sedans.

Powering the rear wheels are two electric motors making 44 and 121 hp as well as 39 and 184 lb-ft of torque for a combined 165 hp and 223 lb-ft of torque with the engine off. Located under the front hood is a 1.3-liter turbocharged inline-4-cylinder Fiat FireFly-based internal combustion engine (ICE). Originally introduced in the South American market for the regional Fiat Uno, the FireFly was engineered to scale across a range of Stellantis (formerly Fiat-Chrysler) vehicles. You’ll find naturally aspirated versions of it in the Fiat 500 and Fiat Panda while the turbo variant is used in the Jeep Compass and Jeep Renegade, albeit without the electrified bits, at least in the U.S.

On battery power alone, you can drive for 31 miles without recharging. Plugging it into a Level 2 charger will get you a full charge in about 2 hours and 30 minutes. However, by default, the Alfa Romeo Tonale won’t charge in full swing without adjusting the charge speed on the infotainment first. On the default setting, it takes about 5 and 30 minutes to reach a full charge. Still faster than the 8 hours it takes to fully charge the 15.5-kWh battery using the included 120-volt Level 1 cable.

Photo credit: Gabe Carey (Acceleramota)

If you’re in the city, good luck finding a charger that isn’t blocked by an ICE or a Tesla taking up two spots. If you own a house, suck it up and get a Level 2 charger installed. Fortunately, it being a PHEV means the 2024 Alfa Romeo Tonale never really needs to be plugged in, unless you plan to drive full-time on battery power alone. The DNA drive mode system you’ll find in all modern Alfas lets you toggle between three modes. As far as the Tonale is concerned, Dynamic (D) means the engine and electric motors are on all the time, Natural (N) relies primarily on the electric motors but fires up the engine when the extra power is needed, and Advanced Efficiency (A) runs purely on electric until it runs out of juice.

Driving the Alfa Romeo Tonale in Dynamic Mode will recharge the battery relatively fast. For every mile I drove, I gained one mile back in electric range. Regardless of the mode, you’ll always recoup some power thanks to the Tonale’s regenerative braking capabilities. That’s good news considering the dealer forgot to charge ours until we arrived to pick it up. As a result, my wife had to putter from Long Island to Manhattan on gas alone.

Folks, let me tell you. This is a fun car. Not just fun for a mom car. It handles like an Alfa, which is to say it handles like a BMW or any other German car, only quirkier. I would argue it’s even more fun to drive in EV mode because, without the gas engine powering the front wheels, it’s effectively a rear-wheel drive (RWD) sportback. Although you’re losing horsepower, you can corner like you’re in your favorite racing game. The driving dynamics are astonishingly similar to that of my Giulia Quadrifoglio, and yes, you can disable traction control in any of the three drive modes.

But… BUT – and let me preface this by saying, the Veloce model’s dual sport exhaust note is phenomenal for a 4-cylinder hybrid (I had to double-check to make sure the sound wasn’t playing through the speaker). BUT! When the battery dies down, the excitement dies with it. The Alfa Romeo Tonale running on gas alone sounds like a marathoner gasping at the final mile, desperate for electrolytic replenishment. The dedicated gas-only mode called e-Drive, Alfa-speak for “Grandpa Mode,” turns the Tonale into a front-wheel drive (FWD) boat making 180 hp and 199 lb-ft of torque. If you derive any enjoyment from driving, I suggest you never turn it on.

Photo credit: Gabe Carey (Acceleramota)

2024 Alfa Romeo Tonale vs 2024 Dodge Hornet

Oh, you thought I wouldn’t bring it up, as if it’s the insect who shall not be named?

Believe me, I am well aware the Dodge Hornet sits on the same Jeep Compass platform as the Alfa Romeo Tonale. That they share the same powertrain. And before you say anything, I know it costs nearly $10K less to start. However! Let’s set the record straight. The Alfa Romeo Tonale is not an up-badged Dodge Hornet. The Hornet is a down-badged Tonale. This isn’t a cheap shot at Dodge – Alfa employees have that covered.

In all earnest, they’re two different cars, particularly at the base level where the pricing is at its most disparate. In fact, the $32,330 Dodge Hornet GT isn’t even a hybrid. It’s a 2.0L 4-cylinder turbo making 268 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. That’s 6% less horsepower and 15% less torque than the Alfa Romeo Tonale Sprint. Premium features that come standard on the Tonale, like the heated steering wheel and seats, 18-inch wheels, as well as remote start are optional, so tacking them on the Hornet hikes up the price.

The Dodge equivalent of the $42,995 base model Tonale is the $42,530 Hornet R/T. Buying “American” saves you a whole $465. Congratulations, treat yourself to something nice for Prime Day.

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What the hell-eramota is Acceleramota?

In September 2022, I was staring out the window of an Icelandic tour bus at the picturesque landscapes of the Golden Circle when I accepted the reality that something in my life had to change. The trajectory of my career was not at all what I imagined it would be. Sure, I was a college dropout making six figures by the time I was 24, but as a buddy recently said to me, “Money comes and goes, my friend. You will replenish.” And he has an Alfa 4C, so he knows a little something about money going. In fact, he is one of many amazing people I’ve met at NYCars & Coffee, our local venture here in NYC.

Miserable as the Lead Editor of a shopping site owned by Daily Mail (who wouldn’t be?), I sought an outlet for my real passion: cars. To anyone I knew as a kid, that may come as a shock. I was never really a car guy. But as the story often goes, everything changed when I bought a Miata. All I wanted was a fun little convertible to doot around in, and now it’s in my wedding photos.

For as long as I can remember, I was always more into tech and gadgets. Computers, video games, jailbreaking my iPhone – all that fun stuff. But as I started paying attention to the automotive space (again, because Miata), the overlap was apparent. From mechanical engines and transmissions to lithium-ion batteries and infotainment systems, it’s all tech. Always has been.

Graphic: Acceleramota

One of the main reasons cars had never appealed to me in my adolescence was the lack of coverage from the sites I visited to keep up with the latest tech. Until recently, cars were largely relegated to enthusiast magazines adapted to the web. Maybe you would read about the car market from a business angle in the Wall Street Journal or a broad overview of the most important developments in the New York Times. But automotive coverage from tech publications was shoddy and inconsistent. Despite being among the largest economic drivers in the United States, cars simply don’t make enough money for the geniuses at the top. At least that’s what I’m told. 

Then again, neither does anything else, apparently. In 2023, layoffs are rampant, and I’m not immune. Back in February, I was let go for the second time in six months. Yet, even with a VP title slapped at the top of my resume, my job-hunting efforts were futile. Hell, most of my applications never yielded a response. Soon enough, it became clear that writing cover letter after cover letter was getting me nowhere. Meanwhile, NYCars & Coffee steadily continued to grow. We had gained enough traction that Adam Scott (yes, that Adam Scott) showed up one time because he found us on Google.

It was only a matter of time before I said, “Fuck it. I’m going all in on cars.”

By this point, I’d started an automotive verticle for my previous employer, and my EV stories from CES were a breakout success. I had a strategy in place to grow the section and build an audience. I had an Instagram page with more than 30,000 followers, and I’d already given it a name. All I needed was funding. By the end of April 2023, the same month I formed Acceleramota LLC, I also had that.

The internet’s cars and coffee ☕

But what about our mission statement? That wasn’t quite as clear. Shortly after founding Acceleramota, I hired a designer to create a social media graphic for a charity event we co-sponsored. As luck would have it, she was also an accomplished brand strategist, with high-profile clients such as Nike and Jeep. While workshopping ideas for the promo image, she implored me to simplify my messaging. We needed our own “Just do it” to inspire not only our readers, but also our staff.

That’s when I arrived at “the internet’s cars and coffee.” It was a natural fit. My intent for Acceleramota was always to be the online counterpart to the events we hold in real life. Before founding NYCars & Coffee back in October 2022, I was interested in cars but my automotive knowledge was surface level. I could point out the exact make and model of a car parked half a mile away, but I couldn’t tell you much about what’s under the hood. But now, although what you’ll often find under the hood is nothing more than a frunk, I’ve learned a fair amount just by talking to people who know more than me.

Photo: Gabe Carey (NYCars & Coffee)

Our main goal with Acceleramota is to keep our audience informed about the latest developments in automotive technology, bridging the gap between internal combustion and electrified engines, without putting you to sleep. There is a genuine, mainstream interest in EVs – both positive and negative, and we’re leaning into both! But the average reader, at least online, doesn’t want to suffer through flowery language or incomprehensible jargon to learn about the vehicles of the future.

We see our readers as enthusiasts waiting to bloom. We want to get you as excited about cars as we were when we first fell in love with driving or tuning or modding, whatever. Behind every byline on Acceleramota is a person, each with their own unique perspective, drawing personal connections between the cars they drive and the lives they’ve led. We’re here to tell stories. We’re here to tell many stories.

But we’re also here to help, answering the most commonly asked questions tailored specifically to the topic at hand. Engaging in conversation as if you overheard us talking shop at a bar (or, you know, sipping coffee at a car meet). You hear the word “EV” and politely interject. Being the neighborly crew that we are, we enthusiastically respond with confidence and authority. If we have to use jargon, we’ll explain it concisely or cite trusted sources offering intuitive explanations.

We’ll take care of the research, the testing, and the reporting back our findings in an approachable style. All we ask is you support efforts so we can reinvest in ourselves and do an even better job of delivering consistent, high-quality work. Not just in writing, but in our expansion into other avenues like social media and video. In addition to our paid subscriptions on Patreon, we also have a free newsletter. Both help us grow our audience, which in turn means securing more resources.

We’re committed to providing editorial coverage our readers find insightful, relatable, and sometimes makes you laugh. While other sites discourage writers from putting their full personalities on display, we embrace it. Unlike the publishers that see writers as expendable, favoring cheap content devoid of passion – emotionless, soulless, and unable to resonate through irreplicable first-person narratives – we’re here to tell stories. We’re here to tell many stories. Blog hard or blog home.

About the founder – Who is Gabe Carey?

Image credit: Victoria Song

From 2015–2018, I covered video games extensively for Digital Trends, starting two months after I could legally sign a 1099 contract. Then I found my niche in writing about computers and networking. Before long, I landed jobs at TechRadar, PCMag, and eventually PC Gamer in tandem with GamesRadar. Living the dream – except the pay sucked, the culture was exclusionary, and due in part to both of those factors, my interest in gaming eroded. I figured, if I’m going to work a soul-crushing job, I might as well get paid a decent salary doing it.

That’s when I went full Business Mode and sold my soul to affiliate marketing. Once I racked up enough XP at what is now Dotdash-Meredith, I reached a turning point. While my wife was a reporter at Gizmodo, the site’s parent company, [Redacted], was hiring a Commerce Editor and an Affiliate Manager. I applied for the editor gig in the hopes I could sneak a little me in my work, as a treat.

Both roles were, each in their own way, focused on growing The Inventory (the product recommendations site Kinja Deals was folded into) and identifying monetization opportunities on sites including Gizmodo, as well as Jalopnik, Lifehacker, Kotaku, and other blogs I once loved. Multiple rounds of interviews ensued, and I presented a few slides demonstrating my ability to inform editorial decisions using data without skimping on quality. All because I wanted to shitpost. With the final boss defeated, I was offered both jobs, my official title being Commerce Content & Affiliate Strategy Manager or some overwrought nonsense like that.

All things considered, I’d say it was two jobs well done. I mean, they brought me back within six months of my resignation – even after I published a scathing goodbye blog that’s still up because no one reads past the headline! Between writing and editing, I published more than 500 articles at The Inventory, sold more than half a million dollars in sponsored content, and boosted our Google Search presence by over 250%. Because we were big enough to do so, I also ditched an exclusive contract with a third-party platform in order to establish our own direct affiliate partnerships, effectively bumping up our revenue from merchants outside of Amazon by 65%. Still, I don’t think I’ll be invited to the next holiday party.

Finally leaving The Inventory behind me was liberating, but it also left me feeling cold. What could have been the perfect cross between bloggin’ and bizznus regressed into a grueling cycle of defending why the first part was important. That pattern followed me to my next media job, and the one after that. It seems to me companies of all sizes like the thought of hiring a young, competent person with fresh new ideas they can take credit for. Until carrying out those ideas means taking even the slightest risk. That’s why I’m here, to rid myself of that mentality and try new things.

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Once the best-selling EV on the market, the Nissan Leaf isn’t long for this world

Since its 2010 debut, the Nissan Leaf has been a flagship EV for the Yokohama, Japan-based automaker. The affordable electric car was even the top-selling plug-in-electric (PEV) model until 2020, when it was surpassed by Tesla’s Model 3. The 2024 Nissan Leaf carries on the legacy of being a great entry-level EV option.

Despite a significant refresh in 2017, Nissan announced in mid-2022 that they would be phasing out the Leaf in favor of more advanced models. As a result, it’s not surprising that the 2024 Nissan Leaf lacks major updates from previous model years. In fact, the file name of the photo above (when you download it from Nissan’s press site) is “2023 Nissan LEAF_38-source.jpg” — so make of that what you will.

The 2024 Nissan Leaf’s starting MSRP is under $30,000, meaning it is a great budget option if you’re looking to join the world of electrified motoring — but it comes with some drawbacks. It’s clear that the Nissan Leaf line is no longer a priority for the carmaker, who has pledged to make 40% of its line electric by 2030. Most glaringly, the 2024 Nissan Leaf remains the last production model EV using the CHAdeMO connector rather than the more common CCS connector. To say the least, EV charging standards are undergoing a radical transformation that will make the Leaf feel dated before it even hits the lots.

2024 Nissan Leaf price and trim level options

A 2023 Nissan LEAF electric car serves as a stand-in for the 2024 Nissan LEAF, which nissan has not provided images of.
Image credit: Nissan

🚦Get ready, set, full disclosure! Some of the links powering our posts contain affiliate links, which means we may earn a small commission if you decide to make a purchase, even if it’s not from the page we linked. Affiliate links are not always an endorsement of the product. To really help us keep our headlights shining to make more content like this, subscribe to the Acceleramota newsletter.

The 2024 Nissan Leaf is available in two “grades,” the Leaf S and the Leaf SV Plus. The Leaf S has an MSRP of $28,140 for the barebones model and the Leaf SV Plus starts at $36,190.

Let’s take a look at how the 2024 Nissan Leaf’s trim options match up:

2024 Nissan Leaf S

  • Starting Price: $28,140
  • Lithium-ion battery capacity: 40kWh
  • Electric motor power: 110-kW / 147hp / 236 lb-ft of torque
  • EPA-estimated range: 149 miles

2024 Nissan Leaf SV Plus

  • Starting price: $36,140
  • Lithium-ion battery capacity: 60kWh
  • Electric motor power: 160-kW / 214hp / 250 lb-ft of torque
  • EPA-estimated range: 212 miles

Available upgrades and accessories include:

  • Factory installed options
    • Premium paint (2-Tone): $695
    • Premium paint: $395
    • Cargo cover: $220
  • Port installed accessories
    • Protection package: $280
    • Splash guards: $245
    • USB charging cable set: $90
    • Floor mats and cargo area mat cargo organizer: $285
    • Rear cupholders and stash tray: $260
    • Kick plates: $160
    • Safety kit: $100

Since the Nissan press release cites the 2023 Leaf’s “refreshed exterior design, including an enhanced front grille, bumper molding and headlights, plus interior upholstery changes and a new 17-inch wheel design for SV Plus,” it’s safe to assume the exterior and interior options will remain unchanged.

2024 Nissan Leaf exterior color options:

  • 2024 Nissan Leaf S only
    • Glacier white
  • 2024 Nissan Leaf S and 2024 Nissan Leaf SV Plus
    • Brilliant silver metallic
    • Gun metallic
    • Super black
    • Deep blue pearl
  • 2024 Nissan Leaf SV Plus only
    • Scarlet Ember tint coat (premium color) (Leaf SV Plus only)
    • Pearl White tri-coat (premium color)
    • Pearl White tri-coat + Super Black (2-tone premium color)

2024 Nissan Leaf interior options:

  • Black cloth
    • Leaf S interior accents: gray
    • Leaf SV Plus interior accents: gloss black

Interior and tech

The interior of a 2023 Nissan LEAF electric vehicle.
Image credit: Nissan

Another sign that Nissan’s media team is sunsetting the Leaf model is that they haven’t provided any new photos of the 2024 Nissan Leaf’s interior. Once again, it’s a safe bet to infer that relatively little has changed, so the image above is from the 2023 Nissan Leaf’s press release. Do with that information what you will.

The interior console of a 2023 Nissan Leaf electric car, which is unchanged for the 2024 model.
Image credit: Nissan

As far as interior tech bells and whistles go, the 2023 model boasted “a new brand identity badge on the steering wheel and a new start-up video on the instrument panel screen,” because who doesn’t love a fun little video?

Interior space:

  • Front seat headroom: 41.2″
  • Rear seat headroom: 37.3″
  • Front seat legroom: 42.1″
  • Rear seat legroom: 33.5″
  • Front seat hip room: 51.7″
  • Rear seat hip room: 50.0″
  • Front seat shoulder room: 54.3″
  • Rear seat shoulder room: 52.5″

Exterior dimensions:

  • Wheelbase: 106.3″
  • Overall length: 176.4″
  • Overall width: 70.5″
  • Overall height: 61.5″
  • Track width (front/rear): 60.6″ / 61.2″

Tech features:

  • NissanConnect infotainment system:
    • 8-inch color display
    • Apple CarPlay
    • Android Auto
    • SiriusXM
    • Four USB ports
    • Charging timer,
    • HVAC timer (for pre-heating or pre-cooling the cabin)
  • Nissan Leaf SV Plus infotainment upgrades:
    • Nissan door-to-door navigation
    • NissanConnect services
    • NissanConnect EV smartphone app (free 3-year trial included)
  • Nissan Safety Shield 360
    • Automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection
    • Blind spot warning
    • High beam assist
    • Lane departure warning
    • Rear cross-traffic alert
    • Rear automatic braking.
  • Driver assistance and convenience features
    • Rear door alert
    • Rear parking sensors
  • Leaf SV Plus additional features
    • Intelligent Driver Alertness (ID-A)
    • Intelligent Around View Monitor (I-AVM)
    • ProPilot Assist (combination steering assist + Intelligent Cruise Control)

2024 Nissan Leaf electric range and charging times

A 2023 Nissan LEAF electric car charging at a charging station. The 2024 Nissan LEAF model looks pretty much the same.
Image credit: Nissan

Keep in mind, Nissan’s decision not to update the CHAdeMO adapter on its 2024 Nissan Leaf models could negatively impact its resale value, causing it to depreciate more than it would already. For those of you on the fence, might I interest you in the similarly priced, higher spec, and tax credit-eligible Chevy Bolt?

If you’re dead set on a Leaf, definitely lease it. All leases qualify for the federal tax incentive and most reputable dealers will pass the savings onto you. Just ask before signing anything, and if they don’t budge? Walk away and keep your phone on standby. You’ll hear back.

  • Leaf S
    • Electric range: 149 miles
    • Charging time: Charges to 80% in 40 minutes
    • Quick charge port: 50 kW (CHAdeMO)
  • Leaf SV Plus
    • Electric range: 212 miles
    • Charging time: 80% in 60 minutes
    • High-output quick charge port: 100 kW (CHAdeMO)

Engine and performance

We see under the hood of a 2023 Nissan Leaf electric vehicle. The 2024 Nissan Leaf has the same motor and electric system.
Image credit: Nissan

For an entry-level EV, the 2024 Nissan Leaf has quite a bit of power.

  • Leaf S
    • Lithium-ion Battery Capacity: 40kWh
    • Electric Motor Power: 110-kW / 147hp / 236 lb-ft of torque
  • Leaf SV Plus
    • Lithium-ion Battery Capacity: 60kWh
    • Electric Motor Power: 160-kW / 214hp / 250 lb-ft of torque

Design changes

While the overall design is unchanged from the 2023 model, it’s worth calling out that the 2024 Nissan Leaf SV Plus trim level comes standard with this futuristic-looking 5-spoke, 17-inch alloy wheel.

2024 Nissan Leaf review (to come)

The badge of a 2023 Nissan LEAF, which will be unchanged on the 2024 Nissan LEAF model.
Image credit: Nissan

The Nissan Leaf has been a stalwart in the world of electric vehicles, and at one time it was the most popular EV in the world. Past models were praised for their surprisingly spacious interiors and efficient, powerful motors (for an entry-level hatchback.)

Seeing as the 2024 Nissan Leaf is very much a rehash of the 2023 model, we’d expect a review to line up pretty solidly with our expectations. That is to say, despite being on its way out, the 2024 Nissan Leaf remains one of the few truly affordable EVs, though if you’re not in a rush, you could always save up an extra $7,000 over the next year for the 2025 Volvo EX30. While this will be a new model in Volvo’s electrified lineup, the Swedish carmaker has proven itself a serious contender in the EV space with the revered XC40 Recharge.


Is the Nissan Leaf being discontinued?

Yes, in 2022 the Japanese carmaker announced it would be phasing out the Leaf model. Still, Nissan still plans to develop electric vehicles, with its “Nissan Ambition 2030” pledge aiming for 40% EVs by 2030.

How much does a Nissan Leaf battery cost?

Lithium-ion batteries aren’t cheap! Should the worst-case scenario happen and your Nissan LEAF’s battery needs replacement, you’ll be looking at a hefty bill, according to

  • 40 kWh battery: $6,500 – $7,500
  • 60 kWh battery: $8,500 – $9,500

Where can I charge my Nissan Leaf?

The 2024 Nissan Leaf’s CHAdeMO port limits the number of charging locations when you’re out and about. Check PlugShare for an updated list of CHAdeMO stations.

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2024 Volvo EX30

Volvo’s affordable EX30 crossover SUV is for the kids

Volvo, like most of its cohorts, has accepted that the future of passenger vehicles is fully electric. By now, we all know California and New York have both set a 2035 deadline to phase out the sale of new gas-powered vehicles. What’s unclear is how, in a country that hasn’t seen a minimum wage increase since 2009, the average youth is supposed to afford the hefty price tags holding back EVs from widespread adoption. Could the Volvo EX30 be the solution?

The Chinese-owned Swedish carmaker believes its subcompact crossover SUV is sized and priced just right for the gen Z and millennial buyers its competitors have overlooked. Neither Tesla’s Model 3 nor the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Ioniq 6 have managed to dip below 40 grand before tax credits. The 2025 Volvo EX30, on the other hand, starts at just under $35K. The smallest SUV in Volvo’s current lineup, the EX30 claims a surprisingly reasonable electric range, absurdly capable performance, and a price tag that makes it the EV to beat for those on a budget.

2024 volvo ex30
Image credit: Volvo

2025 Volvo EX30 price, release date, interior, and specs

When it launches next summer, the 2025 Volvo EX30 will offer two drivetrain options at launch, with the rear-wheel drive (RWD) model starting at $34,950. While Volvo is accepting reservations as we speak, more specific details regarding trim levels, packages, and a la carte options will be revealed this fall, presumably during the Geneva International Motor Show, which takes place in October.

Though small, it has a long wheelbase and short overhangs, giving it a spacious interior and stable handling. The single-motor base model gets RWD, producing 268 horsepower and 253 pound-feet of torque. Volvo will offer a dual-motor upgrade with all-wheel drive, a combined 422 horsepower, and 400 pound-feet of torque. Acceleration to 60 mph takes 5.1 seconds with the base setup and just 3.4 seconds with the dual-motor system. We’ll even see the iconic Cross Country or XC branding returning for the EV as Volvo plans to release a more rugged version later on.

Volvo’s range estimates reach 275 miles for the base single-motor variant and 265 for the dual-motor. Both models get a usable battery capacity of 64 kWh and a 10-80 percent charge time of 26.5 minutes on a DC fast charger. That said, the EX30’s maximum charge rate is just 153 kW, making it slower to charge than Hyundai and Kia’s latest EVs. 

We don’t have a full list of interior features, but the EX30 appears to carry a similar display to the portrait-oriented screen in the larger EX90. Volvo moved to a Google-based infotainment system, which brings Google Assistant, Google Maps, and third-party apps from the Play Store like Waze to replace Google Maps—and more. The EX30 also gets a robust suite of advanced safety features, including some new tech. For example, the Park Pilot Assist system lets drivers select a parking space in a 3D interface and can handle steering and braking through the whole process. 

2024 volvo ex30
Image credit: Volvo

Volvo electrified: EX30 vs. XC40 Recharge and C40 Recharge 

Volvo repurposed the XC40’s underpinnings for use in the XC40 Recharge and C40 Recharge. Both are considerably more expensive than the EX30, and their reliance on a gas vehicle platform means that Volvo made some compromises on interior space and other packaging to accommodate the battery. They also lack the EX30’s range, as the XC40’s estimates land down at 223 miles. 

The trio of EVs all get similar tech features, and Google runs the show in each, but the EX30’s screen is larger and more prominently mounted in its interior. Volvo also removed most physical controls in favor of on-screen buttons, but the XC40 and C40 Recharge were already mostly bereft of buttons. 

Besides price and some equipment differences, the EX30 is not a wild departure from Volvo’s existing EVs. The brand clearly defined its intent with electrification and has so far followed it closely. That results in sustainable materials throughout the EX30 and older models, and Volvo noted that it was able to reduce the EX30’s carbon footprint over 124,724 miles of driving to less than 30 tons. 

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Image credit: Volvo

What else is going on with Volvo?

Volvo has focused on technology improvements and vehicle development in recent times and has two brand-new EVs to show for it. At the same time, the brand has seen an uptick in sales over the first two quarters of 2023 and has picked up accolades for new models such as the S60 and XC60, which earned high accolades from reviewers.

The automaker plans to build the upcoming EX90 at its factory in South Carolina, but no such plans have been announced for the EX30. Because of their foreign manufacturing locations, none of Volvo’s current EVs are eligible for federal tax credits in the U.S. However, the EX90’s domestic assembly location may qualify it for at least half of the $7,500 credit. 

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