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2025 Volvo EX30 SUV

Volvo announces price for the 2025 EX30 entry-level EV

Volvo has officially released the pricing for next year’s entry-level electric crossover SUV – the 2025 EX30. The MSRP will be set at $34,950. After adding in the destination fee of $1,295, consumers are looking at $36,245 for the new Volvo EV.

The Swedish manufacturer is offering their latest electric crossover in two variants: a single motor and a twin motor. Each of these breaks down further with the single motor offering Core, Plus, and Ultra trims while the twin just has the Plus and Ultra. The 275-mile single-motor extended range will be the most affordable to the widest range of drivers, but if you’re looking for the twin-motor’s AWD, you’ll have to shell out nearly another $10k.

Below is the full pricing breakdown:

Single Motor Extended Range

  • Core – $36,245
  • Plus – $40,195
  • Ultra – $41,895

Twin Motor Performance

  • Plus – $46,195
  • Ultra – $47,895

While the twin motor performance variant is quite a jump up in price above the single motor, the MSRP of all trims is below the current average transaction price for a new vehicle in the United States. However, bear in mind that Volvo’s assembled-in-China models will not qualify for the EV federal tax credit.

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