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DIY YouTuber ChrisFix surprises family in need with a new Ford Escape

DIY YouTuber ChrisFix went above and beyond in a video he posted about first car maintenance.

ChrisFix surprises family with a brand-new 2024 Ford EscapeImage credit: ChrisFix (YouTube)

Influencers and YouTubers have been known to do some pretty insane giveaways, and while it’s a thrill to watch, there is nothing quite like seeing our favorite content creators give back. ChrisFix donated a Ford Escape to an underprivileged household thanks to the help of Builds Homes for Heroes, but he didn’t stop there. Since Chris is known for his maintenance videos, he took it upon himself to wrench away and make sure that the entire SUV was fully serviced, leaving the family with a much-needed reliable and safe vehicle.

Who is ChrisFix?

ChrisFix is easily known by automotive enthusiasts and general car consumers alike for his thorough DIY-focused videos encouraging anyone and everyone to wrench on their vehicles. Along with his lengthy history on the platform, he is also among the top automotive YouTubers, boasting a well-deserved 10 million subscribers.

How to PERFECTLY Maintain your First Car | ChrisFix

If you follow Chris on his other forms of social media you are already aware that he is very active in the community and charitable endeavors, not only donating money but also his time and energy and, for one lucky family, something even more special.

What Makes the Ford Escape a Great Family SUV?

A new, or even used, Ford Escape is a reliable and financially responsible choice for a single-car family vehicle. With seating for five people and the option for a fully gasoline-powered (but fuel efficient) engine, hybrid, or even plug-in hybrid drivetrain—combined with standard safety features and a history of Ford reliability—the Escape is an underrated and well-rounded SUV.

While it is considered an economy compact SUV, there are plenty of benefits to selecting the Ford Escape as a family vehicle, and it’s easy to see why it made the cut for ChrisFix to donate to this deserving family. Low maintenance costs combined with a 5-star safety rating and respectable fuel economy round it off.


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