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Shop quirky Valentine’s Day gifts for the car nerds in your life

Get over here and and help me out in the garage. I'm feeling romantical (this "30-minute job" became a four-hour job).

Valentines day gifts for car nerdsImage credit: Sheilah Villari

It’s about time to start thinking about grabbing a special gift for the special person. If that person happens to be a car nerd or gearhead, fear not. We here at Acceleramota have covered you for Valentine’s Day with the best gifts for the automobile enthusiast. I always say the best gifts are useful ones you wouldn’t necessarily buy yourself. Function and thoughtfulness were factors when we compiled this list.

1 — Innova 5610 OBD-II diagnostic tool

Image credit: Amazon

A diagnostic tool like this is a game changer, especially in the hands of a gearhead. Help your loved one keep their vehicle(s) in tip-top shape and aid them in getting solutions quickly with OBD2 and OEM data. They’ll know what to do with info for ABS, SRS, a transmission, and an engine. The Innova 5610 provides clear dealership-level re-learn procedures to complete repairs fast. Troubleshoot for foreign or domestic cars, trucks, SUVs, or hybrids as long as they were manufactured after 1996. It supports English, Spanish, and French and is a handy gift.

2 — Tires that aren’t bald

Image credit: Tirerack

Nothing screams romance like a set of new tires. Okay, maybe it’s not romantic, but keeping a loved one safe on new tires is very considerate. We are fans of Tire Rack here at Acceleramota, especially when it comes with road hazard protection for two years. They ship free directly to you or to one of their installers or one you have selected. Tire Rack has a wide variety of offerings for cars, trucks, SUVs, and both newer and older makes. But we recommend you check our best places to buy tires post, too, for a full scope before making a decision.

3 — 10mm socket (10-pack)

Image credit: Amazon

Having a set of sockets around is never a bad idea. There is nothing worse than losing a socket deep down under the hood. This will be even more painful if it’s the only one you have. This set can solve this very frustrating problem and is a kind gift. This is especially so if you’ve listened to your car nerd gripe about losing sockets or not having ones of the length they need. This particular set by Brazen has ten sockets: six 3/8″ drive, and four 1/4″ drive.

4 — Socket organizer

Image credit: Amazon

If you’re looking for a companion gift to that socket set, how about an organizer? This also works if you are just tired of clutter in the garage or your moto-babe is super messy. Help them literally clean up their station and get all those sockets in one place. Pick from a red or black tray to fit the right aesthetic for the garage. These trays are durable and can handle getting dirty with oil and grease.  Most brands’ standard socket sizes will fit, and one happy customer said, “It is almost therapeutic cleaning up a mess of sockets.”

5 — Toyota water pump gasket

Image credit: Amazon

Ignore how this looks. Did you stop laughing? Okay, welcome back.

This… is a water pump gasket and a very important part of your vehicle, er, in this case, a Toyota truck. This is a best-seller, and a buyer rated it five stars and said, “Better than the one that came with the water pump I bought from another supplier.” Of all the items on this list, this one is kind of romantic. This specific model of Toyota water pump gasket, found on Tacomas, 4Runners, and T100s for many years, has aroused (ha) many laughs on the internet for very obvious reasons, but surely you’ll be the one with the last laugh once that gasket job is complete.

6 — Owners’ Workshop Manuals

Image Credit: Amazon

I’m such a huge fan of these Owners’ Workshop Manuals. These make beautiful coffee table books and are great for motorsport fans. But even if they aren’t, these stand out and are very cool. There are a ton to choose from, so if they are motorsports fans, you can help them build an entire set. The Haynes Manuals are excellent options, too.

7 — LEGO Icons Porsche 911 10295 Building Set

Image Credit: Amazon

I love these LEGO sets as gifts, especially if you build them together. This is a great date night activity, and when you’re all done, your sweetie has an adorable decoration for an office or bookshelf. LEGO makes a few different versions, but I like this one because I’m a silly little Porsche fan. This set has 10,295 pieces, and you can build two different variations of the 911. It would look perfect on top of a Porsche 911-centric Owner’s Manual.

8 — Airmoto Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor


Built with the highest quality materials, Airmoto is a portable tire inflator for cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, and bicycles. Quickly inflate your vehicle’s tires in just minutes with precision and accuracy up to 120 PSI. A compact car air pump that fits in your glove box or trunk is just so practical to have. This could be a huge relief on a very unfortunate day. It’s nice to be the hero sometimes.

9 — WeatherTech Trim to Fit Floor Mats – 4-Piece Set

Image Credit: Amazon

Another gift that someone might not necessarily purchase for themselves but is so useful are these floormates from WeatherTech. This is a trusted brand, so you know you are gifting quality. They are made from an advanced rubber-like thermoplastic compound and are easy to trim for an accurate custom fit. If your car lover is on the messier side or just has a lifestyle where things get dirty, this is an ideal present.

10 — Car Registration and Insurance Holder

Image Credit: Amazon

Did someone say disorganized? Get one of these registration/insurance holders for that loved one who never knows where anything is in their vehicle. Keep those very important documents safe and avoid the embarrassing situation of trying to locate them at the worst time.


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Sheilah Villari
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A passion for good times and fast vibes. She loves nothing more that being near a race track, admiring a sleek Alfa Romeo, or a strong cup of coffee. With ten years of editorial experience she brings a unique perspective to Acceleramota. And no, she will not apologize for the TikToks about Valtteri Bottas. #FinnsUp