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CES 2024: VinFast shows off the VF Wild electric pickup truck concept

The VF Wild pickup truck will join several upcoming models from Vietnamese automaker VinFast.

VinFast VF Wild ConceptImage: VinFast

VinFast has had ups and downs since coming to America, but the automaker finally appears to be eying an upward trajectory with its electric vehicles. It’s building a factory in North Carolina and will offer at least one new model by the end of this year. The company attended this year’s CES in Las Vegas and brought a previously unseen concept that it said could be available in the next two years.

The VF Wild pickup truck concept features seating for five and a unique midgate function similar to the setup seen in the new Chevrolet Silverado EV. We don’t have any other solid details yet, but the truck’s interior design is an adventure khaki-inspired acid trip that would be a radical departure from traditional truck styling if VinFast pushed it to production unchanged. That said, this is an early-stage concept, so it will most likely see updates on its way to the factory.

VinFast also announced the VF 3 electric microcar. The company considers it a “mini eSUV,” and said that the Vietnam-focused vehicle would enter production later this year. Surprisingly, the automaker confirmed that the car would come to the United States, where it would compete with Tesla’s upcoming small car and the future Chevrolet Bolt EV revival.

The Vietnamese company is set for significant growth in the States, as it plans to open 125 dealers in its first phase of expansion, with the first five openings in Kansas, New York, North Carolina, and Texas. It originally planned four crossovers for sale here but changed course to include the VF 3 after prospective dealers asked for the tiny car.


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