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Keep this phone charger on your car keys to pack 8 functions into 1″ – on sale for up to 37% off

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TL;DR: You may not need to carry a different cable for each of your devices when you can pack chargers, a flash drive, and more into a compact cube on your keychain. The WonderCube Pro is a smart multitool you can use as a phone charger, to store files, and more. You can get one for $44 (reg. $70) or two for $80 (reg. $118)

Whether it’s in your pocket or your center console, carrying a charging cable everywhere you go isn’t always convenient. The same goes for flashlights, flash drives, and other standard everyday carry items.

Put it all in one cube you can hang from your keys instead. The WonderCube Pro packs eight functions into a sturdy folding multitool for your phone, and you can get one for $44 or two for $80

Keep your phone cable on your keys 

The WonderCube Pro is a versatile tool to keep on hand or to keep as a backup in the car, and it can really come in clutch in a variety of scenarios. If your iPhone or Android battery is running low, just unfold the USB and micro USB connectors. Your WonderCube comes with adapters that let you plug in Lightning and USB-C devices. Use those to power up to transfer files. Android devices can even connect to an OTG USB drive

The WonderCube doesn’t have a built-in battery, but that doesn’t have to stop you from ditching the outlets if you need to recharge in a pinch. Grab a 9V battery and connect it to your WonderCube for up to three hours of talk time when you recharge. 

Dropped something beneath your seat? Use the built-in LED flashlight to find it. And if you want to watch an episode of your favorite show in your car during your lunch break, use the WonderCube’s micro-suction cups as a phone stand. 

There’s a lot this little cube can do. One Trendhunter reviewer put it simply: “INCREDIBLE… max functionality min payload.” 

Save on a compact multitool for your phone 

Pack all your essential iPhone or Android accessories into one square inch. It’s more than just a phone charger. For a limited time, you can get 

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