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Prime Day 2023: The best deals on pet travel accessories

Stick your head out the window and checkout these great deals on pet travel accessories.

Dog sticking its cute little head out the car windowImage: Unsplash, Andrew Pons, Joe Tilleli

Traveling with a pet can be stressful. Worried about their safety, if they are comfortable, if there will be accidents, there are so many variables to think about. Having some amazing pet travel accessories for any trip long or short can ease a lot of those feelings. Lucky for you Amazon’s Prime Day has a few reliable items that pet owner should have on hand when it’s time to hit the open road.

Cooyoo 3-piece set retractable seatbelts | 33% off

A great solution for bigger dogs who might not need as much attention during a drive is this set from Cooyo. Restraints like this keep your pet safe if you stop unexpectedly or need to make a sharp turn suddenly. It’s a comfy elastic that fits a variety of sizes and breeds without issue. Made to be more durable because some pups love a challenge, even on a good day. These seat belts are made to last with a high-density nylon fabric and the swivel clasp allows your fur kids to still sit, stand, or pop a squat without struggle.

Urpower dog seat cover for cars | 34% off

This seat cover is designed to be just that, plus a little extra. If you have a pet that gets anxious in the car this could very well save your interior. Not only does this cover the seats to protects from fur and accidents, its made to also shield your doors. Older dogs with arthritis might prefer it as the hammock to provide a little relief on a long haul trip. It is also waterproof so spills and rainy days are no issues. There’s a nonslip bottom and it’s straightforward to secure in place. Of the three sizes available this should fit most vehicles without issue. It’s also not difficult to clean with a vacuum or damp cloth, just wipe right down.

Modoker dog travel set | 20% off

Road trips are better with our furry best friends. But remembering if they have everything while on the road can be daunting. Imagine packing up the car for a whirling dervish with paws bounding around. Distracting right? This weekender style bag is just what you need. Portable bowls and food containers conveniently fit inside, so meal time won’t missed in between miles. Water-repellent and leakproof means this can co-exist without mishaps. There is still plenty of room in the bag for all the essentials like leashes, water, toys, and treats for the best travelers. We also highly recommend grabbing a first aid kit to pack too.

Prutaper cat carrier | 31% off

While dogs are fantastic, we here at Acceleramota are a multi-pet type of website. We know traveling with biscuit makers can be a little more adventurous. Being on the road for hours can be difficult if you have a cat. Having a roomy cat carrier can not only help the whisker babies feel safe, but having a portable litter box can provide much-needed relief. This carrier has a buckle to safely secure it to a seat belt and has a cozy plush bottom that is easy to wash. A water bowl is included and it’s made from oxford fabric to withstand many many trips.

BurgeonNest small dog car seat | 25% off

Traveling with a small dog might be easier in some regards, but being tinier is a whole new set of concerns. This bed has been purchased many times by my family. I can say it is very comfy and has been approved by two Yorkies, and one Jack Russell. The material on the inside is fluffy and easy to pop out for a wash. I can also confirm that it’s hardy. Having a senior dog, accidents happen more often and this car set has held up nicely even years later. The strap for this seat secures it in a worry-free way, so your little co-pilot can be nestled next to you on a cross-country or cross-town jaunt. Snap the metal loop with your dog’s collar with plenty of slack left for room to roam but in a responsible way. There is an anti-slip bottom and the material on the outside is easy to wipe down.

Dykeson pet car barrier | 37% off

If you have an inquisitive or nosey dog, this is just what you need. While I’m sure many of us appreciate a cold wet nose pressed against our arm, sometimes we need to concentrate. Dogs are often intrigued by the ongoings in the front of the car, but keeping them occupied without distractions to the driver is always a good idea. This extra-thick polyester mesh is stretchable and a synch to secure in most vehicles. The four hooks click right into place in mere minutes. This is a very simple solution to a very common pet problem.

Slowton dog booster seat | 19% off

If you have a jumpy pup with anxiety, this booster seat is excellent. With the option to close the top, this can provide extra security for your dog and extra safety if they are on the more mobile side during a drive. In my circle we call this being “full of beans,” and it can strike at anytime. For many dogs, traveling can lead to nervous pees and this booster seat is designed with those poor fluffs in mind. There is a washable four-layer pad included. Solidly crafted with reliable, tested clips, and hooks both your and doggy can rest easy. A slip-proof bottom adds for extra safety, and the three breathable sides can help ease any travel tremors. Designed for pups under 15 pounds, this is sure fire win.

Analan triangle pet hair remover | 47% off

A bit of an honorable mention item, but an obsolete necessity. If your pets travel with you be they long or short trips, this is a killer item to keep in your car. The Analan triangle pet hair remover is uniquely designed to scrap fur without struggle. Even the most stubborn of strands can be grasped with this comb. This is a top-rated, top-seller for a very good reason. While it can be used on most furniture, keeping it in your vehicle too quickly to do clean up for an unexpected guest is genius. We love our pets, but we don’t need to be covered in them.


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A passion for good times and fast vibes. She loves nothing more that being near a race track, admiring a sleek Alfa Romeo, or a strong cup of coffee. With ten years of editorial experience she brings a unique perspective to Acceleramota. And no, she will not apologize for the TikToks about Valtteri Bottas. #FinnsUp