Receive $50 in Samsung credit when you reserve the new Galaxy phone, watch, or tablet

Samsung is no stranger to pre-order deals and right now is no different. A Galaxy Unpacked livestream is on its way in which Samsung will be unveiling the latest in its lineup of Galaxy devices from phones to watches to tablets and it has brought quite the offer to the table.

If you know you’re planning to upgrade to one of these new Android smartphones or other gadgets, it’s in your best interest to place a reservation now. It guarantees you your new Galaxy device as well as grants $50 off your purchase. Even if you are on the fence, its worth placing your reservation as there is no deposit required and you can change your mind anytime. You’ll still have the option and if you do decide to get one, you’ll be receiving that $50 off. There’s no downside! The new Samsung smartphone might be just what you’re looking for to pair with your Android Auto or Android Automotive OS.

What to expect during Galaxy Unpacked?

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Both the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and the Galaxy Z Flip 5 have been heavily rumored and are likely to be the main event of the livestream ( especially considering the event’s tagline is “Join the flip side”). Other possible showcases are the Galaxy Watch 6 and the Galaxy Tab S9.

When is Galaxy Unpacked?

Galaxy Unpacked is scheduled for July 26. You can watch the livestream on or on Samsung’s YouTube channel. The event will be starting 7:00 AM EDT.

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