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Use ChatGPT to make an itinerary for your next road trip – $60 for lifetime license

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TL;DR: You may be able to save time writing new content, interacting with visitors, and answering questions on your WordPress site with the help of AI. The ChatGPT WordPress Plugin connects your OpenAI account to your WordPress website, and a lifetime license is on sale for $60 (reg. $299). 

Whether you run a WordPress site for work, run your own shop online, or have a dedicated following waiting to blog about your adventures with your truck, running a website can take time. ChatGPT may be able to help. The ChatGPT WordPress Plugin puts the now-legendary AI onto the front and backend of your WordPress site and opens up a ton of doors for time saving and content generation, and a lifetime license is only $60 (reg. $299). 

Heck, you can even use ChatGPT to plan an entire vacation. Just give it some ideas of what states you want to hit up and it can recommend you routes and stops to hit up along the way.

Get the ChatGPT WordPress Plugin for the best price online 

The ChatGPT WordPress Plugin puts an AI interface on the front-end and backend of your website. Up front, that means your visitors can ask ChatGPT questions instead of waiting for you to answer. You can even set it up so the AI is only available to users who are logged in. One verified buyer Paul B. writes, “Great plugin for WordPress, If you are looking into an AI that will help your customers on your website.”

Creating content is time-consuming, but you may be able to scale back without cutting down on your posting schedule. Add ChatGPT to your developer page and use it to answer questions, guide you with informed assistance, or do a little writing of its own. You can give ChatGPT a prompt and have it produce full posts, outlines, or similar ideas. 

AI is still improving, so you may need to edit generated posts before publishing them, but that’s still a whole lot easier than writing everything from scratch. Plus, this license connects directly to your OpenAI account. That means if you’ve already paid for the Plus version of ChatGPT, that’s what you’re going to be using on WordPress. 

Put ChatGPT on your WordPress 

Get a little help from an AI assistant that can generate content, interact with customers, and more.

For a limited time, you can get a lifetime license to the ChatGPT WordPress Plugin for $60 (reg. $299). 

Prices subject to change.


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