Chargers, phone mounts, and more: our exclusive sale has all the cheap car accessories you forgot you needed

Summer is rolling up quickly and many of us are hankering to get out and drive somewhere nice to enjoy it. Before you roll down your windows and hit the road, you may want to deck out your car with some great road trip essentials. In partnership with Acceleramota, SideDeal is running several promotions at the moment on cheap car accessories from reputable brands. Save on car chargers, phone mounts, and more – in some cases north of 50% off!

Acceleramota x SideDeal: Cheap car accessories that don’t suck

2-Pack: Aukey Dual Port 30-Watt USB-C PD Car Chargers | $20

Cheap car accessories: Aukey car charger 2-pack
Image credit: SideDeal

No more fighting over who gets to plug their phone in during long trips. Next time you’re on the road with family or friends, you can charge up to four phones simultaneously. This pack comes with two car chargers, each with two USB-C ports for 41% off.

Aukey Dual USB-C/USB-A LED Car Charger 36W | $10

Cheap car accessories: Aukey dual USB-C/USB-A LED car charger
Image credit: SideDeal

If you don’t need four phones charging at once, opt instead for this Aukey dual car charger. Featuring both a USB-C and USB-A port, you’ll get a bit more flexibility in what you can charge, while also having the option to charge two devices at a time. Save 55% on yours.

3-Pack: Motorola Talkabout Portable Two-Way FRS/GMRS Radios | $50

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These two-way multipurpose radios are an excellent solution for photographers or videographers needing to coordinate on rolling shots taken from inside a vehicle. These walkie-talkies also make for a fun little addition to any road trip where friends are split between more than one car. Right now, the three-pack is 50% off.

Naztech MagBuddy Elite Vehicle Phone Mount | $15

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Some phone mounts can be a little tricky. The one I have has a hidden button in the back to release your phone which works nicely when you know it’s there, but anytime someone riding shotgun wants to queue up a song on Spotify, they end up ripping the mount out of the AC. For those without the luxury of Android Automotive or Apple CarPlay, this one here is stupid-proof, utilizing the magnetic feature of newer iPhones to hold it in place. Get it for 40% off.

6-Pack: ASOTV Emergency Magnetic Road Flares | $30

Image credit: SideDeal

Here we have one of those emergency products you hope you don’t ever need to use, but if the time comes you’ll be glad you have it. These magnetic road flares light up with LEDs and can stick to the sides of your vehicle or be placed on the ground around them in the event you need to pull off to the side of the road due to car trouble. These road flares for 67% off can help keep you safe, especially on dimly-lit streets. When you’re done with that, you may want to check out our online tire shop recommendations.

Tacklife Portable Power Station | $250

Image credit: SideDeal

Speaking of stuff you should just always have in your car, a portable power station makes the top of the list. You’ll be glad you have this backup battery in either emergency situations or simply to take with you on a weekend away outdoors. Charge up to four devices at once the unit itself can recharge with solar power. The power station is currently 58% off.

Naztech Safety Essentials Car Kit | $20

Image credit: SideDeal

This handy kit of cheap car accessories comes with a magnetic mount for your phone that clips into your AC along with a dual USB-A car charger and a hybrid USB-C and Micro USB for Android users or a Lightning cable for iPhone folks. The bundle is a full 50% off right now and it comes in either black or pink.

2-Pack: Aukey Lightning to USB-A Right Angle Fast Charging Cables | $10

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Depending on how your car’s center console is set up, routing your cables could be a pain. These right-angle charging cables are a good solution to avoiding poor cable management on the road. These ones here are Lightning to USB-A and you can get two of them for 57% off.

Aukey Phone Holder for Car with Super Magnetic Mount | $10

Image credit: SideDeal

Keep your phone off your lap and in your peripheral. There’s no better way to keep an eye on your GPS than with a dashboard phone mount and this one can securely hold your phone in place for 50% off.

2-Pack: JVC 15W Rubberized Wireless Fast Charging Pads | $25

Image credit: SideDeal

What I love about wireless charging is just how simple it is. Put your phone down and boom – it’s charging. These wireless charging pads come as a two-pack and can be used to charge your phone, earbuds, and more. Get them for 58% off.

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BlackBox vehicle DVR price cut: save 85% on a 1080p dash cam with night vision and motion sensors

TL;DR: A high-quality dash cam can verify what happened in an accident and look out for your car when you can’t. The BlackBox vehicle DVR dash cam records videos in 1080p day or night when it detects motion, and it’s on sale for $21.99 (reg. $149.95). 

Your airbags may protect you during an accident, but a good dash cam could be what keeps you safe after it comes time to prove you weren’t at fault. The BlackBox 1080p dash cam can help you look after your car day and night, and for a limited time, you can get it for only $21.99 (regularly $149.95). 

BlackBox vehicle DVR: an affordable night vision dash cam

Image credit: StackSocial

This dash cam gives you two ways to save yourself a chunk of change. First, it’s 85% off. Second, if your insurance needs proof that you weren’t at fault in an accident, your video recording could make all the difference. A 2016 study in the Journal of Safety Research even reported an 86% decrease in the cost of vehicle crashes once a dash cam was installed.

The BlackBox vehicle DVR activates whenever it detects motion and immediately starts recording in 1080p resolution. The 120-degree wide-angle lens captures the details you might miss or mis-remember, and it even has a built-in microphone so you can document every detail. And it works day or night with the same high-resolution recording. 

Before you install your BlackBox, make sure to insert a TF card to save your footage. This dash cam supports a max capacity of 32GB, but it automatically records over footage after a set period of time. Don’t worry about important footage disappearing, though. The built-in G-sensor tells the camera to permanently save any footage recorded during an impact. If the worst happens and your car crashes, it’ll be safely stored and saved on your TF card. Insert the card into your computer or phone to download the video files in AVI format. 

Get a dash cam that looks out for you

Make sure you can verify exactly what happened in an accident.

Get the BlackBox 1080p Dash Cam on sale for $21.99 (reg. $149). 

Prices subject to change.

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